Technology Vision 2016: the value of unlearning and relearning

  • Posted on March 14, 2016

RelearningIn last year’s Avanade Technology Vision, we presented a world where business leaders had to unlearn the habits of the past to move forward. For Avanade’s Technology Vision 2016, we feel it’s time for businesses to take the next step – to relearn much of what they know in order to succeed in the long term.

Why? Because the pace of change will never be slower than it is today. As counterintuitive as that sounds, the nature of technology is such that if you haven’t started on your path today, you will already be further behind tomorrow.

Four ways to win in the digital economy

We applied the concept of relearning to four themes that we believe will help businesses win in the digital economy:

  1. Mind the ethical fault line: Building trust in a digital world

Our digital behaviors, intent and movement leave “footprints” across sensors, applications, workplace tools, social platforms and more; and these footprints are increasing on a daily basis. With such an expanded surface area, spanning work and personal lives, the corresponding increased risk needs to be accepted and managed. In this environment, digital ethics is more than a nice to have and will be the cornerstone of the new digital economy.

  1. Embrace the digital mesh: Leveraging the power of borderless platforms

Digital ecosystems and borderless platforms create opportunities for businesses to take advantage of a “mesh of interactions” that connects people, things, algorithms and other entities. This digital mesh generates more value than the sum of its parts, advancing entire industries and ecosystems, not just individual companies.

  1. Data is dead: Long live data currency

Inherently data provides little or no value to the business. What really matters is the information and insight that can be gleaned from that data. When that happens data becomes currency. It’s important to start to make sense of and find value in the data flowing in because the mess will only get worse – until businesses find themselves sitting on a massive landfill of dead data.

  1. Be the maestro: Orchestrating an augmented workforce

As more smart technologies enter the workforce, an enormous amount of value to the business can be added from automated, intelligent machines. Think of it like a symphony. One where machines and humans come together, making for a beautiful, symphonic delivery of services. It’s all about orchestrating this “superhuman” augmented workforce. Keep in mind, though, that the changing workforce encompasses more than just smart machines – keeping people front and center will be a key to success.

It’s time to relearn

To win in the modern digital economy, businesses must start now to relearn in order to create better, more sustainable and flexible outcome-based approaches. Those that embrace cultural and business process changes will thrive in the coming years. With business life and death at stake, organizations that unlearn and then relearn will create a massive advantage for their company, drive customer loyalty and differentiate their brand.

I hope you enjoy reading our vision and welcome your comments.

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