Technology Vision 2017: every business will be an AI-first business

  • Posted on February 13, 2017

We’ve been talking about cloud-first and mobile-first for a while now. Here’s another “first” businesses need to start paying attention to: AI-first.

We believe all businesses are only a few years away from a new era – one where we will need to focus first on artificial intelligence. Avanade’s Technology Vision 2017 explores AI and its growing impact on businesses  [CLICK TO TWEET].

Transform now

To win in the AI-first world, you need to begin transforming now or you will not be able to catch up. We see five themes that will take your business into this new era:

  1. New User Experiences: Deliver more meaningful – and magical – interactions

AI-driven user interfaces will lead to ever-deeper, more meaningful interactions, sharply tailored to the individual and his or her situation. We call this “situational centricity,” a step further than simply user-centric or individual-centric. In the future, it won’t just feel like personalized service. It will be distinctly human, almost always “invisible” and seem magical.

  1. Augmented Workforce: Take human capabilities to new heights

Not only is AI re-creating the digital customer experience, it’s about to be the single-most important set of technologies to enable your workforce. In the AI-first world, we will unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency with automated processes and robotics. We will use these tools to “augment” our workers, so that the things that make them uniquely human – instinct, creativity, decision making – will be more powerful and useful than ever.

  1. Platform Economy: Gain exponential value from new ecosystems

The “Platform Economy” is a world where businesses seamlessly leverage existing, widespread borderless ecosystems to reach, delight and retain customers. It is powered by a mesh of interconnected services and solutions that spans across people, things, algorithms, digital personal assistants, automated agents and other entities. The challenge is to understand how to plug into these platforms, making the leap from business owner to platform merchant.

  1. DesignOps: Re-engineer your outcomes

It’s time for businesses to start to combine design thinking principles with modern engineering principles like agile and DevOps. Think of it as design-driven engineering, or “DesignOps.” This new approach can help businesses keep up with the scale and pace of change in the AI-first world. But organizations will need to build up a culture, mindset and business model ready for a DesignOps revolution – where everyone is focused on the user and value.

  1. Digital Ethics: Leap into the unknown with a clear conscience

In the AI-first world, every digital action can have an equal and potentially unintended consequence. Over the coming years, our world will deal with the results of the technology and business decisions we make today. Because of this, we underline the need for all businesses to adopt digital ethics and act with responsibility – with big data, comes great responsibility.

AI-first or forgotten

We are, without any doubt, heading toward a new era of disruption – one where AI reigns supreme. The evidence is clear, compelling and everywhere. It is seen in the way we serve our customers. It is signaled in the way we organize our daily lives. We witness it in the way our workers work. And we can spot it in the way new business models are born (and die) every day.

I hope you enjoy reading our vision and welcome your comments.

Daria Johnson

Thank you, good article. I wonder why the profession of testers still exists? It's high time we fix AI search problems in code and offer corrections.

May 9, 2017

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