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Reducing cost and achieving ROI with intelligent automation

Posted by David Clark on February 6, 2023

Find out how organizations can not only reduce cost but apply cost containment by rethinking with intelligent automation.


No wizardry required: 3 steps to shift from legacy ERP to the cloud

Posted by Paolino Montanino on November 29, 2022

Today, there's nothing magical about migrating manufacturing ERP to the cloud. Instead, with an experienced partner and the right platform, it should be a logical, methodical and predictable process.


Is this a now or never moment for ERP cloud migration?

Posted by François Matte on November 21, 2022

This blog post explores some strategies, tactics, and examples regarding how manufacturing companies can successfully transition to cloud-based solutions.


What makes Microsoft’s Supply Chain Platform stand out?

Posted by François Matte on November 16, 2022

The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform offers a great opportunity for true collaboration and real-time communication across the end-to-end supply chain network.


Takeaways from the Microsoft Power Platform conference

Posted by Liz Pham on October 24, 2022

The ‘maker experience' is fundamental in succeeding - get that right, and you will succeed in your Microsoft Power Platform journey.


Avoid 4 pitfalls in launching manufacturing sustainability initiatives

Posted by Jennifer Johnson on August 30, 2022

Learn about the four pitfalls to avoid when implementing or revamping a sustainability program


Eight pitfalls to avoid in managing a multi-generational workforce

Posted by Karen McAteer on August 23, 2022

By avoiding the pitfalls of engaging a multi-generational workforce, organizations can capture the best of each generation’s workstyle and harness that energy for strategic growth.


Six reasons a move to cloud ERP is more urgent than ever

Posted by Michael Merfeld on August 8, 2022

Making the transition to cloud is urgent, but at Avanade we caution our clients that technology alone can’t be viewed as an end goal. It must be viewed as a tool for intentional business transformation.


Take these 3 steps to create a more intelligent supply chain

Posted by Danae Helle on July 25, 2022

By digitizing your supply chain and leveraging the use of Azure cloud and Microsoft Dynamics 365, you will be better positioned to become an agile and proactive supply chain business.


Nine pitfalls to avoid in an ERP transformation program

Posted by Michael Merfeld on June 28, 2022

ERP transformation is a massive program akin to surgery on the central nervous system of your organization and understanding the most common mistakes to avoid is critical.


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