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Accelerate supply chain resilience with ERP modernization

Posted by Paolino Montanino on April 8, 2021

Five big benefits of intelligent, cloud-based ERP modernization your supply chain could use to grow your business internally and externally.


3 ways to cut costs and boost your university’s income

Posted by Simon Baumber on December 3, 2020

Simon Baumber shares how higher education can emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever.


How Return to the Workplace can launch citizen developer success

Posted by Venkat Rao on November 18, 2020

The best opportunity to establish a citizen developer stronghold right now is in the area of technology that helps your company safely return to the in-person workplace.


Finding the center of citizen developer success

Posted by Venkat Rao on October 5, 2020

Microsoft’s kit is a starter set of automation and tooling to monitor, govern, and nurture the deployment of Power Platform. It’s providing the underlying mechanism for a balanced deployment approach that’s neither too tight nor too loose.


The artistry of the Microsoft Power Platform: Four new master works

Posted by Venkat Rao on September 17, 2020

Power Platform gives organizations the creative, analytical, and management tools to produce a new generation of solutions.


For superpower apps, low code is just the start

Posted by Venkat Rao on August 10, 2020

Power Platform solutions work well on their own and even better together. With Power Platform a company’s technology resources are no longer confined to one department but are available across the organization.


Stop waiting: Rethink ERP cloud migration now

Posted by Paolino Montanino on July 29, 2020

Paolino Montanino explains the benefits of migrating to cloud-based ERP systems and how these systems have helped companies adapt during the pandemic.


Harnessing the power of Power Platform: Where to start

Posted by Venkat Rao on July 22, 2020

With low- to no-code tools like Microsoft Power Platform, everyone has an empowered role to play in solving technological problems together.


Intranets are dead: Long live the intranet!

Posted by Avanade News on June 1, 2020

The time is now for companies to think differently about the role the traditional intranet plays and redefine what the term means.


What’s a smart ERP investment during a downturn?

Posted by Martin Burden on April 30, 2020

Martin Burden explains how a downturn may be the opportune time to take a fresh look at your ERP investment to maximize it to the fullest.


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