3 ways Dynamics 365 helps you re-invent CRM

  • Posted on December 14, 2016

Dynamics 365

It’s fun to dig into theory and talk about the future. But sometimes people just want practical answers, to real-life problems. They want more “how,” less “what.”

Take for instance my last blog post about two distinct strategies needed to re-think customer relationship management (CRM). In it, I argued if modern organizations want optimal digital sales or service, they must first allow customers to co-create their own experience. And second: blur the lines between sales and support, to give your internal teams the same view of the customer Twitter [CLICK TO TWEET].

And while that’s all very interesting (to me, at least), how are you supposed to actually build it?

In my view, Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 (D365) is just one example of how technology makers are providing the tools to accomplish this digital sales and service vision. In fact, the way Dynamics 365 is built – combining CRM and ERP, in the Microsoft cloud — is what helped clarify my vision above in the first place. Here’s why:

1. It gives customers choice and a voice: To co-create customer experiences, you need to be able to reach, then listen to customers, no matter where they are across mobile, social, web and in-store. Easier said than done!

But because D365 is so extensible, you have an array of ready-made options to make that challenge simple to master. There are numerous plug-ins and integrations available to you that are designed to make customer choice and co-creation possible everywhere. CafeX, for example, is an omnichannel customer engagement tool, powering chat interfaces anywhere your digital customers go.

Similarly, tools such as Versium, another D365 integration, automates your ability to pick up on the “clues” left behind by your customer, their digital footprint, so you can better customize your service to their implicit needs.

2. It gives sales and support unified insight: D365 also improves internal collaboration. By combining CRM and ERP, it allows you to stock-pile information about your customer into one unified view. These insights come from every step of the buying journey – from commit to fulfillment. And they can be pulled, and used, by reps in any department, from service to sales.

This level of seamless insight is essential for providing modern digital experiences. With it, your reps will know the customer’s unique history with your business, and have insights into everything he or she has done, from complaints to purchases to web visits. Not only does this unlock this a much-needed level of service – one customers have come to expect – but imagine the opportunities you are creating here for reps to “upsell” and customize offers.

3. Get insights, faster, and optimize the channel: Wrapping all this together is the final, and arguably most important piece of the puzzle: insight.

Savvy digital businesses can leverage the analytics power of the Dynamics 365 platform, spanning the entire supply chain, to consolidate the omni-channel data. With that they can decode next best intent or next best actions for customers and workers, and truly co-create winning experiences. Imagine creating sales and service bots that help take away the burden of redundant tasks from the employees so that they can spend more time servicing end customers, for example. This will bring optimization to new levels.

It’s a lot of fun to talk about the future – it’s why I love my job. But when it comes to building for tomorrow, today, you need a solid map. I hope the above has done its part on sending you in the right direction.


Great information to enhance knowledge about CRM.

December 31, 2016

Vishal Sarkar

The concept of CRM is much broader than it used to be and more important than ever before. I hope you can apply these concepts to your situation. - Vishal

January 4, 2017


very good blog

December 18, 2016

Vishal Sarkar

Thanks. I am glad you found it useful.

January 4, 2017

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