Reducing cost and achieving ROI with intelligent automation

  • Posted on February 6, 2023
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Achieve ROI w. intelligent automation

There is uncertainty about what 2023 will bring and companies must act swiftly to hedge against the possibility of an arduous year. The question is, how can organizations not just reduce cost but apply cost containment while still realizing value from their investments. Automation is proven to increase productivity, reduce costs, free up employees to do higher value work.

Today, intelligent automation platforms address the need to apply quick and meaningful solutions to problems. “No-code/low-code” automation platforms can now enable organizations to use ‘citizen development’ or non-technical employees to automate tasks that keep them from focusing on more strategic activities.

With today’s changing landscape and the need to realize value quickly, this is not enough. Intelligent automation must be thought of as more than just automating with RPA but automating with RPA as just one tool of many. The key to achieving the most return on investment is to use the strength of intelligent automation by using the full suite of integrated technologies it has to offer. Organizations that are able use tools such as process mining, RPA, Intelligent Document Processing, machine learning and virtual agents together will have the greatest business outcomes compared to its competitors.

At Avanade, we know how to use these tools effectively to help clients achieve their important business needs. With over 15,000 automation experts worldwide, Avanade can help clients reengineer complex business processes by analyzing processes that are the best candidates for automation and execute and implement the best intelligent automation solutions that leverage AI capabilities. Lastly, Avanade can help scale and grow your automation capabilities as an organization through governance, monitoring and on-going support.

The challenges this year brings means doing more with less. Intelligent automation can help achieve that goal and the way to achieve the greatest return on investment, increased productivity and contain costs is through believing automation is the way to sustain growth.

Partner with Avanade and we can help you achieve your automation goals.

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