Dynamic Communities Summit 2019: One stop for efficiency and innovation

  • Posted on October 10, 2019
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Dynamic Communities Summit 2019

This article was originally written by Avanade alum Edwin Jongsma.

The situation can be overwhelming. You arrive in Orlando at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center for the annual Dynamic Communities User Group Summit and are met with myriad choices and not enough hours. Hundreds of educational session options await you and hundreds of sponsor booths are spread out across an exhibit hall the size of three football fields. You want to experience as much as possible in the most efficient way and come away with innovative that transforms your business. How do spend your time? I invite you to join us at Avanade booth #501 where we are focused on providing great experience, efficiency and innovation at scale…the foundations of future-ready business transformation.

If your company is a significant enterprise where scale matters, you know building operational efficiencies demands deep industrialization and rethinking old processes with automation to respond faster to market conditions. According to Forrester’s assessment of Dynamics partners, Avanade is top grade.

You know, too, that delivering superior customer experiences requires equal investment in creating superb employee experiences. Forrester has also recognized Avanade as best-in-class at helping future-ready organizations assess every point of interaction between brand and customer so they can deliver optimal, user-centered, engaging and designed interactions. To ensure that our clients create the best customer and employee experiences we offer Digital Studio capabilities providing a human-centered approach that incorporates people, creativity and technology to help businesses design exceptional experiences.

In addition, you understand that innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Intelligence equips employees to see things in context and with new perspectives that create potential opportunities. That’s why Avanade arranges Innovation Days and other co-creation sessions in which we help envision and plan for the future alongside you. And we’re proud that Avanade and its 36,000 professionals in 25 countries are the power behind the Accenture Microsoft Business Group, helping companies to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and transform products, leveraging the Microsoft platform in fields like manufacturing, retail, consumer goods and a range of other fields.

So, if you want to make the most of your time at the Dynamic Communities Summit, visit Avanade’s booth #501 where you can get industry-specific expertise to achieve the enterprise-scale efficiency, experience and innovation you need tailored to your unique circumstances. We have scheduled many presentations by Avanade experts during the conference (see below). We look forward to seeing you there.

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