Three ways to improve your most customer centric KPIs

  • Posted on March 28, 2023
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The landscape for customer loyalty is changing. One bad experience can lead to consumers abandoning a brand and taking their loyalty elsewhere.

Today’s customers not only have preferred channels of contact but also expect brands to deliver the best possible service across these channels, 24/7. In fact, 75% of customers expect the agent to already know who they are as well as their purchase history.

As you modernise your customer service centres to meet these evolving expectations, it’s necessary to track your data points to understand the impact your process is having on loyalty. But whilst customer centric KPIs, like NPS and Customer Retention Rate, are important indicators of customer experience, it’s what you do with these scores to drive and improve it that really counts.

Automate the service answering process
Automation expands the possibilities to truly reimagine how your call centres operate. 82% of Millennials and Gen Z consumers said they preferred to diagnose and fix software related issues with the help of a Virtual Assistant (B2X).

Let 24/7 self-service portals and chatbots handle the basics, enabling your team to focus on higher-value, more rewarding work. The key to improving your customer centric KPIs is to create a system that provides your customers with correct information as quickly as possible and through their preferred channels. It needs to be easy for customers to get through to agents and switch between digital and human processes as they please. Both customers and workers are becoming tech-savvy in their communications, which is an advantage that should be harnessed.

To get the most from your automation efforts, use Power Automate, Microsoft’s powerful but easy-to-use automation solution. In the customer service industry, agents have to click often to perform simple tasks, such as open a form, fill, and save it, and many repetitive and monotonous actions, such as greeting and verifying a customer, sending acknowledgment mail, and taking notes. This tool can support your team by minimising human error, and reducing workloads by helping customers find the answers they need efficiently, in a fast and process-compliant manner. This level of anytime, anywhere service will improve satisfaction scores and keep your customers coming back.

Utilise voice of the customer (VoC) feedback loops
When it comes to securing loyal customers, understanding what they truly want is a given. This means listening to your customers' feedback and taking action quickly so that the next interaction they have with your business feels personalised.

It’s important to point out that focusing on providing a personalised service doesn’t require a radical upgrade to your tech stack. When you create a constant feedback loop with the same data visible to both marketing and customer service teams, better decisions will be made. The added bonus is that you’re showing your customers that you are taking their feedback seriously. Imagine a scenario where multiple customers are expressing interest in a specific deal. Having an informative view of your customers means you are better equipped to deliver more personalised and targeted offerings at the right time, ensuring no opportunity for boosting your KPI scores and brand loyalty are overlooked.

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Voice captures feedback immediately across channels with personalized surveys to continuously track customers’ perception of your services and products. Dynamics 365 Customer Voice is included for all users who have an existing Dynamics 365 enterprise license.

Empowered employees shape business performance
Businesses often underestimate the role of employees in delivering great customer experiences and driving measurable transformation. Yet it stands to reason: If the employee experience is negative, then the customer experience probably is too.

It all comes down to ensuring that people can get things done. Automating mundane tasks empowers employees by enabling them to focus on more important challenges and building long-lasting relationships with customers. Having the right tools in place, will also ensure that your bottom line is taken care of as agents will have more time to proactively cross-sell and up-sell to loyal customers, boosting your KPIs.

With Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights, Teams integration, and the PowerApps app embedded into Dynamics 365, you can improve decision-making, knowledge share, and collaboration across your entire organisation, so you know that the experience your agents are offering your customers is likely to exceed expectations and boost loyalty.

At Avanade, we can help you improve customer centric KPIs by suggesting the right tools for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit.

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