What makes Microsoft’s Supply Chain Platform stand out?

  • Posted on November 16, 2022
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Avanade Microsoft supply chain platform

In recent years, the need to keep up with the pace of global change and disruption has never been more evident. Unpredictability is constant across all industries and sectors – and the post pandemic market, oil-price shocks and a looming recession continues to expose the limitations of existing supply chains.

For organizations to remain at the top of their game, they need supply chains which are resilient, collaborative and agile enough to navigate through the changing landscape. To stay ahead, it has never been more vital to have a technology platform that can improve supply chain agility and decision-making. And this is now accessible with the launch of the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform.

“The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform provides a data fabric that helps accelerate the unification of information between suppliers, customers and products, creating value and visibility across the entire supply chain network. Given today’s increasing pressures to anticipate and respond to market changes, our clients want to take advantage of digital supply chain transformations within months, not years,” Kris Timmermans, Accenture.

The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform offers a great opportunity for true collaboration and real-time communication across the end-to-end supply chain network. Allowing organizations to unlock value wherever they are in their supply chain journey. Until now, supply chain collaboration has been a buzz word - visibility and transparency were emphasized, but never really went beyond EDI sharing of sales forecasts. The Microsoft Supply Chain Platform will be the game changer – enabling organizations to build the next generation digital supply chain, which is connected, agile and autonomous.

Three reasons why you need to consider the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform

1. Uniquely positioned to enable a connected supply chain ecosystem. Unlike others, Microsoft brings together the power of a world class data platform in Azure, AI and ML tools; collaborative applications in Microsoft 365 plus Teams; SaaS solutions in Dynamics 365; Low Code tools in Power Platform, along with leading security software. Providing you with the confidence that the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform delivers exceptional industry expertise to give you a sustainable and secure value chain.

2. Accelerate agility and bridge data gaps. At the core of the platform is the Microsoft Supply Chain Center which:
  • consolidates data from existing systems
  • bridges data siloes
  • enables end to end visibility and
  • in-time decision making

This allows organizations during these uncertain economic times to adjust to shifting markets demand and supply.

3. Implement what you need. For those not prepared to make a platform shift – you can still deliver the business outcomes you want, incrementally, whilst saving the cost and time of replacing an entire system. Pre-built modules give you the flexibility to leverage the modules that you require.

The future is bright with the Microsoft Supply Chain Platform
I’m especially excited that Avanade and Accenture are named as a featured partner for this platform. With our trophy case of Microsoft Partner of the Year awards, including Manufacturing & Supply Chain Partner of the Year for 2022, we look forward to continuing harnessing the power of Microsoft to help clients transform their supply chain.

For years, we’ve been leveraging technology solutions help companies transform their supply chain processes and systems at pace. Contact us today, to find out how we can help you.

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