How Return to the Workplace can launch citizen developer success

  • Posted on November 18, 2020
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return to the workplace

This article was originally written by Avanade alum Venkat Rao.

This article was originally published on MSDynamicsWorld.

How do you start your organization on the citizen developer path that’s made possible by Microsoft’s Power Platform? Establish a beachhead – a successful implementation from which you can then advance to other organizational areas. For many businesses, the best opportunity to establish a citizen developer stronghold right now is in the area of technology that helps your company safely return to the in-person workplace.

Power Platform and citizen development are especially helpful when agility is most important. As your organization re-opens, work procedures are going to change — and change again and change fast — as the situation unfolds. You’ll need to adapt to new inputs from government and public health officials, from within your organization, and from your clients or customers. That means every functional area of your organization will have its hands full keeping up to date, and they’ll all need to do it in concert for the whole organization to succeed. This is exactly the kind of situation where Power Platform excels, which is why Microsoft recently created a turnkey toolset built on the Power Platform that helps you plan, coordinate, and manage your organization’s return to the workplace.

Microsoft’s Return to the Workplace (RTW) solution is a smart way to get your team back in the office while, at the same time, jump starting your Power Platform efforts. Microsoft’s toolset gives you dashboards to track return to work efforts across facilities and provides apps that help your team take action on everything from employee case management to scheduling office visits. Avanade has been helping clients launch this core solution in under a week, including a package of enhancements that fit the core platform to a company’s unique needs.

The Return to the Workplace solution can be adapted to fit any industry including healthcare and pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods and services, energy, and utilities. As an example, let’s look at how Avanade has tailored it for the financial services sector.

Imagine a retail bank with branches throughout a state that is struggling to balance safety and service for its workforce and customers.

Bank executive leadership

  • For retail banking, RTW’s Regulatory Compliance Scorecard and Emergency Quarantine Response features allow bank leadership to decide location & facility reopening phases based on several factors including virus spread, facility readiness, COVID cases, facility outbreaks, and availability of critical supplies & staff. It equips the executive team with a branch safety readiness command center including an “Ask Question 24/7 PVA Bot” and Guided Crisis Response management tools.

  • RTW helps facility leaders to manage their location & facility readiness workflow to reopen against guidelines & calculate readiness factors. It lets them monitor occupancy and confirm that routine safety procedures are completed and keeps them abreast of their critical PPE supplies burn rate and the availability of key staff to maintain a safe, clean environment.

All of this sets the stage for citizen developers to build their skills, as well as experience initial success with Power Platform.

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