Tackle attrition of your sales team with a digital sales experience

  • Posted on March 31, 2016

Digital sales

The following blog post was written by Avanade alum Nigel Kirkham.

When we talk about Digital Sales, it’s natural to think about the impact it has on the overall effectiveness of your sales team – helping them close deals faster, simplify admin and improve bottom line results.

But there’s another payoff every business leader should consider as they pursue a more digital sales force: the impact Digital Sales has on the sellers themselves, making them more engaged, motivated and having them stick around longer.

It’s common knowledge sellers spend far too much time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as chasing CRM details, qualifying leads, building a deal pursuit team, etc. Digital Sales offers a solution that automates and simplifies most of those tasks, while at the same time proactively serves up client and opportunity intelligence to the seller. All of which helps sales be much more effective, efficient and ahead of the game.

Think of a salesperson on her way to a client meeting when her smart watch pings her with an important update about the account, or a news scoop that just came out about the client’s business. Whatever it is, you can imagine the usefulness of this information in her upcoming conversation.

However, Digital Sales is important to your sellers on a far more personal level, too.

This couldn’t be more important today, as sales is suffering from sky high turnover rates by as much as 25% across industries. Digital Sales can be instrumental in helping to turn these attrition rates around.

By giving sellers the tools to be more efficient and effective, not only do they get to their commissions faster, but they also enjoy their job and the company they are selling for, more. Then there’s the halo effect, especially in attracting and retaining younger generations. When the way they can work reflects the digital experiences they have as a consumers in their personal lives. Think of giving sellers digital tools like Yammer, Office 365 and Skype for Business – all of which is giving them the power to work how, when and where they want.

Digital Sales can be hugely effective in bringing better results to your overall sales KPIs. But the value it brings to sellers, on a personal level, and in making them happier and stay longer at their jobs, is also something to keep in mind on the path to modernizing our workforce.

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Attrition in sales jobs are head ache for any company. Though we are in digital marketing era there are verticals where sales professionals are in high demand for the sales jobs. This articles provided valuable info and tips to tackle Attrition levels. Thanks for sharing and looking forward for more such articles on sales.

September 13, 2016

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