The DNA of digital disruption

  • Posted on March 13, 2017

digtal disruption

Regardless of what stage companies are in while going through their digital transformation journey, the potential for market disruption is always looming. As I see it there are four market needs that are driving organizations to transform themselves digitally: increasing innovation, moving faster, staying connected and getting personal.

The Need to Increase Innovation:  Digital disruption brands like Amazon, Google, AirBNB, and Uber have torn their traditional competitors asunder and there’s an upstart like those poking its way into every industry.  Traditional businesses must increase the quantity and quality of innovation or risk being crushed by the next digital transformation in their industry.

The Need to Move Faster:  The pace of change is accelerating at previously unfathomable rates.  From sales to operations to customer service, cycle times are ever shorter.  Now more than ever, leaders need speedy access to reliable business intelligence to improve their decision-making. They need insight at the right place at the right time and to the right people.

The Need to Stay Connected:  Our customers, colleagues, suppliers and allies now require nearly constant, real-time collaboration and communication.  The “Peer Economy,” characterized by AirBNB and Uber as well as the rising Internet of Things, means we are now interconnecting as much around common resources as we are around relationships.

The Need to Get Personal:  One size now fits none.  Even as our use of technology soars, customers and employees are expecting organizations to tailor offerings (and career paths) to their unique needs and to deliver those experiences in a more intimate, personalized one-on-one manner. The true goal is to “co-create” relationships with customers or employees.

The good news is that while technology may be the reason for these market disruptors, it is also the solution. Technology that enables any organization to become a digital disruptor has existed for some time.  Getting these disparate pieces to work together seamlessly, however, is new.  Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 cloud-based offering smoothly integrates its ERP and CRM applications and other enterprise solutions – like Cortana Intelligence - into one harmonious bundle to enable seamless insight. Alongside Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s PowerApps and Flow are rapid application and process development tools that give end users the ability to create apps and workflows without needing to develop code.

With deep experience Microsoft enterprise technology (including both ERP and CRM), Power BI and Office 365 Suite experience powered by Azure, Avanade is equipped to ramp-up an organization’s digital disruption efforts with speed and ease.  While Microsoft has been developing Dynamics 365, we’ve been providing preferred access to Microsoft’s product team allowing us to be involved with advanced versions of Dynamics 365, PowerApps and Flow. Avanade understands the importance of Dynamics 365 as a game changer for digital transformation and has already built a unique set of tools to make migration to these solutions smooth and simple.

Avanade recently demonstrated the new Dynamics 365 in a webcast to showcase how this enterprise technology provides a “start anywhere, go anywhere” digital transformation path for your organization. I welcome you to view this archived version of our webcast below. Meanwhile, stay tuned for updates on how Microsoft’s new Dynamics 365 is evolving and for a deeper dive into each of the four market forces driving digital disruption and what else you need to win in this time of technology tumult…and opportunity.

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