Microsoft Envision: Navigating disruption and unlocking potential

  • Posted on October 7, 2021
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Envision Season Two Highlights

Earlier this week, I was delighted to take part in the Season 2 premiere of Microsoft Envision presented with Accenture and Avanade, a digital series for business leaders that builds on the longstanding alliance between our three companies.

There I had the privilege of sitting down with Indra Nooyi, former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo as well as the first woman of color and the first immigrant to run a Fortune 50 company.

She shared insights from her new memoir, My Life in Full, and her time at PepsiCo, including how employees and organizations alike can thrive amid disruption, the challenges of juggling work and home life, what's kept her grounded, and why it's so important to prioritize the healthcare ecosystem and support families. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation!

Overcoming disruption was a theme of the program as a whole. Accenture Chair and CEO Julie Sweet and Judson Althoff, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft offered key lessons they've learned over the past tumultuous 18 months and shared stories of clients who have used technology to evolve their operating models and adapt to new market realities.

The way we work is also changing. Microsoft Envision's host, award-winning journalist Mariana Atencio, spoke with LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky about the “Great Reshuffle” - the unprecedented migration of talent we're seeing in the marketplace today. As leaders and job seekers look to navigate this new landscape, Ryan shared some advice on how to thrive.

We also heard from Peter Lacy, Chief Responsibility Officer and Global Sustainability Services Lead for Accenture, and Alysa Taylor, Corporate Vice President of Industry, Apps, and Data Marketing at Microsoft, who talked about why sustainability is not just an urgent environmental need but a business priority. They also discussed the power of data as a core part of an organization’s sustainability strategy.

During a conversation on innovation, Microsoft's Charles Lamanna, Corporate Vice President of Business Applications and Platform, and Corey Sanders, Corporate Vice President for Commercial Solution Areas, demonstrated the power of collaborative apps and how they can help companies and employees innovate in a world of flexible work.

Finally, Mala Anand, Corporate Vice President of Customer Experience and Success at Microsoft, talked with FedEx Chief Information Officer Robert B. Carter about why data is central to FedEx's strategy and how his organization is using the cloud to drive critical business outcomes and improve the customer experience.

If you missed the broadcast, I hope you'll visit the Microsoft Envision website and register to watch the segments on demand, as well as tune in for the next episode on Tuesday, December 14, which will focus on how organizations can drive business growth while practicing social responsibility.

We invite you to read Envision Season 1 highlights where speakers Trevor Noah, Beth Ford, Satya Nadella, and others discuss opportunities in the digital disruption era.

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