Avanade solution for Azure Stack isn’t like the others

  • Posted on August 11, 2017
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Avanade solution for Azure Stack

With the recent announcement of availability, Azure Stack is now real. The last few posts have covered what Azure Stack is and why we’re excited about it. Now I’ll deep dive on what makes our Azure Stack offering different. When we started down this path within the AHCS-MA program, we always planned to make it about hybrid. Azure Stack is a compelling option for customers because 1) its provided as a service, 2) the Platform is managed by Microsoft, 3) it supports a wide array of IaaS and PaaS services, and 4) It has a great API layer (ARM) for interacting with it. Based on this we set out to build an Azure Stack offering that is not just Azure consistent in the technology, but is Azure consistent in these other ways as well.  

Provided as a service
We’ve worked hard to bring Azure Stack to market in a flexible way. We understand businesses need flexibility. We offer Azure Stack at your edge sites, in your datacenter, or from our datacenters. We also offer Azure Stack in a pay up front model, or a pay as you go consumption based model like Azure. This frees you up to consume Azure Stack in the way that makes sense for your business scenarios. Because Azure Stack was designed with the knowledge of running the Azure public cloud, it has been optimized to run on hyper converged commodity hardware. We’ve worked with our hardware partners to create a turn key Azure Stack platform that leverages this resilience.

Managed platform
One of the topics that always comes up when we talk about cloud, especially hyper-scale cloud, is that the infrastructure and platform are managed as a service by someone else. Our Azure Stack solution is a managed solution. Our goal is to provide the same level of management on Azure Stack running at your edge, in your datacenter, or in ours, that you would receive if you simply consumed services from azure. We’ll monitor the platform, take care of any software or hardware failures, alert you to capacity issues, perform patch and update services, ensure PaaS services are running properly, and provide a single point of contact for support across hardware, services and software. Because we’re Avanade, we can also provide additional managed services for the workloads and applications running on top of both Azure Stack and Azure. 

Wide array of consistent services
One development platform. One set of target services. Run in the public cloud, hosted in our datacenters, or on your premise. Develop once, run anywhere. Why do you need this? Sometimes your applications would benefit from running both on premise and in the cloud. For example, Azure Stack at the branch running terminals and point of sale device software, forwarding to component in Azure Public that does rollups and centralized inventory. In these cases, consistency rules. Knowing that regardless of the destination your application will operate the same, and your processes will work the same way, is paramount. 

API layer and our hybrid approach
One of the key enablers of this consistent approach is the ARM (Azure Resource Managed) API layer. This API is shared between Azure and Azure Stack, making all the tools and scripts that work with Azure, work with Azure Stack. This approach makes it easy to develop hybrid applications that take advantages of the best aspects of both platforms. We firmly believe in using the best platform for the job. Our motivation is in a successful outcome, not in selling you one solution over another. We’ve built additional assets on top of this set of APIs for cost management, migrations, deployment automation, and many other things. Additionally, the Accenture Cloud Platform, our cross-cloud management platform will soon include support for Azure Stack. 

The strength of a global systems integrator
Avanade and Accenture bring a depth of skill across not just Azure and Azure Stack, but all cloud platforms. Additionally, we bring the deep skills around your existing application workloads. We are at our best combining parts from multiple vendors into a single solution. This is no different. We’re taking Software, Hardware, Services, Consulting, and Finance and providing a true Azure like model to our customers. Further, we can add additional integrations, services and products to make the platform a better fit for customer scenarios. 

We truly view the Avanade Solution for Azure Stack solution as “not like the others,” and look forward to helping you complete your hybrid cloud vision.

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