Azure Stack: it’s about to make hybrid cloud real

  • Posted on May 30, 2017

The following blog post was written by Avanade alum David Mills.

That sound you hear is hybrid cloud reaching its tipping point. It’s C-level executives who are leading the charge to the combined cloud/on-premises platform. They see it as their companies’ tickets to competitive advantage, better customer experiences and high-flying growth.

That’s a conclusion from the just released Avanade research study IT Modernization: Critical to Digital Transformation, a survey of 800 senior IT decision makers from around the world. The research found a growing number of companies are adopting hybrid cloud environments to modernize their IT capabilities.

  • Today, around half (47%) of respondents report that the majority of their organization’s custom applications still run on-premises, but this will drop 22% in three years.
  • Over the next three years, organizations will move more and more from on-premises to cloud (IaaS from 14% today to 30%, and PaaS 8% today to 25%) creating a hybrid IT world.
  • To support this hybrid world, almost nine in ten (87%) respondents agree that their organization is planning to implement vendor-provided cloud stacks (such as Microsoft Azure Stack) to integrate their on-premises data center with the public cloud.

The move to hybrid cloud is happening fast. That’s because it makes sense for companies that want to gain the benefits of the cloud—lower cost and risk, higher agility and scalability—while meeting legal, governance, or technical requirements to keep specific apps and data on-premises.

The new gold standard in hybrid

Microsoft Azure Stack is the new gold-standard in hybrid cloud platforms. It’s a true hybrid cloud with Azure-consistent capabilities in identity, security & management, data, and application platform, delivering a consistent experience across cloud and on-premises datacenter. That means:

  • Consistent hybrid application development. Your productivity will soar when developers can build and deploy applications once, regardless of where they run.
  • Azure services on-premises. You can adopt whatever combination of cloud and on-premises platforms meets your needs.
  • Purpose-built systems for operational excellence. You can confidently deliver high application-service levels, knowing your integrated systems work predictably and without disruption.

Where you stand to benefit from Azure Stack

Whether you operate at the edge, want modern app services for datacenter apps, or need to meet local regulations in a variety of localities Azure Stack can help you.

Edge and disconnected solutions. Solve your latency and connectivity challenges by processing data locally in Azure Stack, then aggregating it in Azure for further analytics. For example, a race car team using image recognition logic in Azure to analyze trends across the racing season, can now use the same logic in a trackside application running on Azure Stack for during-race analysis.

Modern applications across cloud and on-premises. Use the same Azure web and mobile app services, and more, that you use in the cloud to also update legacy apps on-premises—and use one DevOps process across both. A financial services company that uses Azure Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to update customer-facing apps could use the same approach with mainframe applications that aren’t “ready for public cloud” back in the datacenter.

Cloud apps that meet every regulation. Run an app in Azure and then deploy part or all of the app in a local datacenter to meet local regulations. A global professional services firm can enter new geographic markets more quickly because it can run an Azure app on Azure Stack if the application needs to be run locally for compliance or regulatory reasons.

The rest of the solution

Migrating to the cloud is complex and not just accomplished with technology or platforms. Migrating to an integrated cloud/on-premises environment is even more complex. Azure Stack takes care of the technology piece of the equation, but you need more. Cloud is a lifestyle, not a destination. You need the expertise, people and services to architect, deploy and manage the hybrid environment properly from the start. If you don’t have tested skills and resources, you need a technology provider that does.

As a leading provider of Microsoft cloud technologies, Avanade can help you plan and implement your move to the cloud, with solutions that are tailored to the needs of your business and your customers. Our flexible mix of cloud advisory, cloud transformation and cloud operations services is exactly what you need to get the most from hybrid cloud.

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