Rethink how you partner for value on your cloud journey

  • Posted on October 20, 2021
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Getting Value From Cloud Journey Partnerships

Just like the way people see colors, companies see the cloud opportunity in different ways, across a range of priorities. Resilience, agility, speed, innovation, cost reduction and avoidance, to name but a few.

In a world of continual change, organizations need to renew their approach to cloud transformation with a clear focus on outcomes and value. However you measure it, make sure your partners’ incentives are anchored in your vision for value.

If speed is about delivering new features faster, pay for that outcome. If cost reduction is anchored in delivery of data center consolidation, pay for that. If cost avoidance is anchored in outrunning a license renewal clock, pay for that. Balancing incentives and outcomes can be hard to achieve at times. With a commitment to genuine partnership, you too can ensure you achieve value at every stage of your journey.

Avanade’s convenient and individually tailored approach allows you to modernize your estate over time with low upfront commitments, helping to reduce the risks commonly associated with large transformational projects. Our Azure Managed Service solution embeds migration and modernization services that you can consume on demand in a similar way to how you already consume Azure.

As this approach is value driven, the Avanade team partners with you and your business stakeholders to build a priority driven roadmap of migration and modernization workloads and get started quickly. You can consume migration and modernization services on a stand-alone basis or through our highly beneficial managed value model that allows you to drive incremental value at every stage, through a manage and evolve approach.

From there, clients can consume modernization services, with pre-agreed unit-based pricing to get to the cloud at a pace that makes sense for you. This transparent pricing model allows you to easily plan and quickly flex budgets so you can focus on outcomes and maximize value creation. By only paying when you migrate or modernize, you are in control the entire way. Our cloud cost optimization services provide confidence that you’re only spending what you need with your cloud provider.

Covering applications, infrastructure, data, security, digital and advisory services, Avanade maintains the roadmap for you over the life of our partnership. Through our years of experience and industry awards, alongside our privileged access to Microsoft and commitment to the ecosystem, clients trust us and quickly recognize our people as the most skilled team in the market, with an unmatched ability to scale in support of your business.

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