Cloud migration & app modernization: not an all or nothing proposition

  • Posted on April 19, 2017

The pace of innovation continues to drive technological advances in nearly every industry while teaching customers to demand more in the way they consume and the speed in which they receive goods and services. Companies operating on legacy systems struggle to keep up with the innovation necessary to remain relevant in the market.  The good news is that there are new container solutions to quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively begin a cloud transformation. Even better news is that Avanade announced a partnership with Docker to utilize Docker container technology in client solutions. The holistic approach we take is shaped around your business and IT priorities as well as the latest thinking in technology. Modernization is the industry buzz word right now and we have taken the time to consider options so businesses are able to maximize efficiency, increase agility and have the freedom to innovate  [CLICK TO TWEET].

Maximizing Tech Investments with IT Modernization

How do companies position themselves to keep up? Change. Focus on the processes that deliver value to the business and its customers. Those processes are supported by applications that when modernized, meet the goals of the business and customers. Avanade recently conducted a study on “IT Modernization” in which respondents believe that annual revenues could increase by 14% and business operating costs could reduce by over 13% from the use of modernized IT systems. Modernizing applications to utilize the many benefits that come from deploying those applications in a cloud environment provides a robust set of services to expand, enrich and improve the services and processes that are delivered back to the business and the customer.

In this rapidly changing technology and cloud environment, how do businesses pivot quickly, efficiently, and successfully? Speed. Container solutions provide value by allowing businesses to quickly move legacy applications to the cloud regardless of IaaS or PaaS modernization efforts. In addition, containers provide benefits of a modern operating system such as improved security and a manageable environment for deploying future changes.  By using containers in your cloud migration strategy, everything required to make a piece of software run is packaged into isolated containers. Unlike VMs, containers do not bundle a full operating system - only libraries and settings required to make the software work are needed. This makes for efficient, lightweight, self-contained systems and guarantees that software will always run the same, regardless of where it’s deployed.

Assessing Your Cloud Migration Strategy

Avanade associates are experts at developing and executing cloud transformation projects for our clients. Using tools, partners and expertise, we can help you identify and prioritize applications for migration to the cloud. By leveraging IaaS, PaaS and containers we will develop a plan that allows you to quickly move to a cloud based IT model so you can maximize efficiency, increase agility and have the freedom to innovate.

Visit Avanade Cloud Transformation services to learn more about how Avanade can help you migrate to the cloud and modernize your applications.

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