Digitalization: Austria needs to catch up

  • Posted on June 8, 2017

Digitalization is turning the world upside down. A study led by Accenture highlights just how important it is for companies to be digital and take advantage of new opportunities: Without new stimuli, such as digitalization, it will hardly be possible for the 100 most important companies in Austria to continue to grow. Recent figures from the Austrian Economic Chambers (WKO) also show how much work is needed for Austria to catch up: Only half of the respondents had a vague understanding of the term "Industry 4.0" and one fifth viewed digitalization as mere hype that would fizzle out. What's more, just one in six companies is active on social media platforms. This is NOT good.

Digitalization is certainly not going to go away and nobody can afford to let the trend of Industry 4.0 pass them by. It is time to get informed and start doing something about it! Here at Avanade, we want to help companies in Austria to master their digital transformations. Together with our partners Accenture and Microsoft, we form a powerful triumvirate and we offer a complete package distinguished by relevant expert knowledge and continuous innovation. We work together with you to lay the perfect foundations for success in the digital world. We put our comprehensive expertise to the test on a daily basis so that we can achieve the best results for our clients, for example for Österreichische Post (Austrian Post).

Flagship Project: Österreichische Post Enters the Cloud

Österreichische Post started to modernize its IT systems back in 2014. Right from the start, the decision-makers knew that they wanted to join the cloud — and it was clear to them that they had to do so. Horst Bratfisch, who heads up application development at Österreichische Post, explains the company's approach, which was aimed at becoming as future-proof as possible: "Wherever there is the opportunity for a cloud option that is our first choice."

Together with Avanade, Österreichische Post implemented a new homogeneous platform for application development based on Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and the Microsoft Azure Cloud, which is hosted in Europe. The initial impact of the project has been a drastic shortening and simplification of processes for changing applications, which has saved money and reduced the company's IT workload. The quality of the applications has also significantly increased.

A Shining Example for Small and Medium-Sized Companies

What is true for large enterprises also applies to small and medium-sized companies, and larger medium-sized companies in particular: Digitalization opens up many opportunities, such as the development of smart products, digital client experiences and digital workspaces.

Innovation is not the prerogative of large companies. Quite the opposite in fact: Thanks to digitalization, these days "all" you need is a few smart people and of course the right technological foundations. Austrian companies, in particular, with their well-trained workforces in technical areas (including growing proportions of female staff!) and access to the services of well-established and reliable cloud providers, have everything that they need for lasting success.

Seize the Day and Get ahead of the Competition

Now is your chance to make a change — and we really mean now! Our goal is to seize the day and take advantage of the opportunities currently available. We want to substantially strengthen the (international) capabilities of local companies. Austria is (for the time-being) still well set up, according to the Digital Economy & Society Index (DESI). But this should not lead anyone to sit on their laurels — as global utilization of innovative cloud services is increasing sharply. This is demonstrated by the increasing revenues with simultaneously sinking prices. Any companies that don't keep pace with current developments will therefore automatically be left behind the competition. However, those companies that take advantage of technological opportunities in a targeted way will be able to continue to achieve lasting success in the era of digitalization.

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