DockerCon preview - Containers hold the key to your cloud journey

  • Posted on June 6, 2018
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The leading containerization conference—DockerCon 2018—is just around the corner. As a Gold Sponsor, we’ll be there to discuss how containers make cloud transformation better, cheaper and faster. Join us, and you’ll discover how an application-led approach has helped your peers to remedy their cloud transformation headaches, using Docker containers to migrate to Azure. Here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll be saying next week at DockerCon.
Solving a big technology challenge is rarely a black and white process. So, it’s a quirk that when it comes to the cloud (just like its meteorological namesake), IT leaders like you are faced with many shades of grey as they seek the right path to help them arrive at the best outcome. 

You know you need to get to the cloud. But you might not be sure about the best way to get there. Like whether you should follow an infrastructure-led route, or adopt an application-first path. We believe, for truly successful cloud journeys, there’s only one choice. And at DockerCon, you’ll find out why.

Storm clouds, or silver-lined clouds?
The cloud is changing the way we work today, stoking ever-increasing C-suite expectations and placing greater pressure on IT departments. In fact, as many as 79% of C-Level executives believe they have the capability to make faster and more effective technology decisions than you, their IT leadership.

But the cloud is both a challenge and a solution. True: It’s heaping pressure on you as an IT leader. But it also provides a method to make applications (and entire IT estates) better, faster and more cost effective. And thanks to containers, reaping these rewards is easier and simpler than ever.
Applications forecast your cloud climate 
Cloud journeys can follow different paths, but successful ones begin in the same place—with the business goals and outcomes in mind.  That means starting with a clear understanding of those goals and working to optimize your existing application estate with these business outcomes in mind. And that’s why containers are attracting increasing importance. Conventionally, cloud migrations start with an organization evaluating their infrastructure first: Considering the number of virtual machines, computing power required, and storage capacity demands ahead of anything else. 

But we’re passionate about the value of an application-led approach instead. 

Why? Because it’s the application that delivers the services to internal stakeholders and external customers that generate real business value. By adopting an application-first mindset, you’ll ensure you focus on what really matters, and ensure all those other infrastructure considerations work to support your overall business goals. 

Inevitably, your applications will have varying degrees of cloud readiness (with some ripe for modernization, and others better suited to migration). Here’s where Docker containers come in. They give you the flexibility and choice to engage with cloud migration or application modernization in the way that’s most appropriate for you and your business. 

Container-powered cloud journeys
And, with DockerCon just around the corner, it’s a great time to be discussing this application-centric lens on the cloud. We’ll be on stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, discussing the value of this app-first approach, as well as explaining how you can build your application roadmap to the cloud. We’ll also show you real-world examples of this method in action, and showcase the benefits that our clients have already experienced.

Since establishing our partnership with Docker, we’ve containerized apps for many clients across nearly every industry sectors. That experience is much more than just a sales credential. It means we really understand the containerization entry points and complexities that are individual to every organization. 

Dive into DockerCon
Join us at DockerCon, and you’ll hear about our unique cloud transformation insights, gained while delivering a wide range of containerization projects. You’ll learn why our experience really mattered when we were working with a US-based life insurance firm. It meant we were able to crunch application deployment time by 99%, reduce infrastructure strain by 50%, and improve the average time to scale by 99%—all through a simple, fast containerization project.

Perhaps most intriguingly, you’ll also find out about the snowball effect that containers can deliver for your organization, offering both short- and long-term benefits. Docker containers are ideal if you’re looking for opportunities to streamline your budget immediately. Then, those cost savings can be rolled back into the execution of your cloud transformation, creating that snowball effect—which in turn allows you to gain momentum and achieve your overall cloud goals faster.

So, if you want to learn more, join us on Thursday June 14th at 11am in room #2006 for a session entitled Docker Containers make Cloud Transformation cheaper, better and faster. And if you aren’t attending DockerCon, check out 99 reasons to move applications to the cloud.

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