Long-term success and higher ROI with cloud

  • Posted on October 21, 2015

CloudUnlike a lot of new, much-hyped technology, the forecast for cloud is that it’s here to stay. Cloud is ideal for organizations wanting to stay ahead by innovating and decreasing time to market, while getting a solid return on investment (ROI).

So what should IT decision-makers actually do with cloud? The most successful moves to cloud are those that focus on the core principles of the business. And with support from a partner on moving integral applications, organizations are able to connect higher business values to the modernization process.

But cloud is not for the short-term. Sure, migrating applications in a lift-and-shift approach provides a quicker ROI, but optimum results often require transforming application portfolios to be cloud-aware. A more comprehensive application and operations refactoring approach may take more effort but will have the best ROI in the long run.

It’s important to recognize that cloud isn’t magic. It won’t suddenly change everything about your business. It requires planning and work, but it’s worth the commitment.

Avanade worked with a client on moving to cloud, taking a step-by-step approach (starting with IaaS, then PaaS and finally SaaS) over an extended period, which meant the customer was able to cut costs by 20% - a huge saving for a global organization. Key to this change was identifying applications with the greatest business impact and compatibility with the cloud. Avanade can quickly help clients determine application cloud suitability using our Application Roadmap to Cloud tool (ARC).

Working with a partner means there’s less risk and the move can happen faster. Our budget tends to be 80% legacy – focusing on modernizing the current infrastructure –  and 20% innovation, used to improve on the way businesses work, to get them ahead of competitors.

Based on the success of our work with clients, supporting them in their move to cloud, one thing is clear: cloud is not a trend. Shifts in technology mean that employees have to unlearn old behaviors, which is why Avanade provides a change management team to ensure people embrace new tools and processes for good. Cloud is changing organizations for the better, and the quicker IT decision-makers learn that, the quicker they will see the productivity reinvented, growth driven and agility increased.

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