An AMBG perspective on the future of industries powered by 5G and Edge

  • Posted on February 28, 2022
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5G edge computing is poised to transform nearly every aspect of people’s lives, businesses, hobbies, and society as a whole.

Most companies today are thinking about how to digitally transform their businesses, whether it’s tailoring and improving experiences for their customers, or digitally optimizing their work environments to help their employees achieve more. All this raised change to a new level, requiring companies to reimagine the way they innovate and to partner with companies that share similar purposes.

Innovating in the real world in areas such as virtual learning and work, travel, manufacturing, fintech health to name a few, is where the stakes are high, and the need is real.

Turning the edge into an industry enabler
As carriers and network operators start rolling out the initial phase of 5G networks and services, the edge computing architecture will become central in supporting 5G and IoT devices.

The Accenture Microsoft Business Group (AMBG) is launching the Microsoft 5G Cloud Box – a joint pre-engineered solution, designed for CSPs and Enterprises to help build the next generation of Cloud Networks.

With a proven 360° service model and a consumption-based pricing, the Microsoft 5G Cloud Box is able to provide a secure, flexible and cost-efficient platform to build, deploy and scale your B2B, B2C and Private Network use cases.

Making the network an extension of the cloud
The Microsoft 5G Cloud Box works by combining Microsoft’s Hardware-as-a-Service solution, Azure Stack Edge Pro, and Azure Private 5G Core. Once installed, it delivers a Cloud Native Private 5G network tailored to the need of any organization who wants to transform and modernize their network or evolve their industry applications to leverage low latency and high throughput.

The Microsoft 5G Cloud Box has multiple benefits for the enterprise, such as:

  • Cost efficiency, thanks to a OpEx based consumption model
  • Flexibility, in terms of integration with external and/or existing third-party systems
  • Control & Security, granted by the zero-trust architecture of Microsoft Azure
  • Innovation, by leveraging Cloud Native platforms to deliver the next generation of Edge Apps

If you would like to know more about our joint solution, come meet us at MWC22 in Barcelona where we will showcase the 5G Cloud Box in our booth or reach out to me.

The Accenture Microsoft Business Group elevates the longstanding Accenture, Avanade and Microsoft relationship, expanding combined service capabilities, global scale and joint solution development to help clients overcome disruption and lead transformation in their industries.

Plan your 5G network transformation with the Microsoft 5G Cloud Box

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