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A faster way to more effective content management

Posted by Timur Asar on March 9, 2021

Today’s customers expect brands to provide them with a powerful, personalized experience at all times – and across all channels.


How technology is transforming student recruitment and enrolment

Posted by Simon Baumber and Chris Horton on February 15, 2021

Read about how technology is transforming student recruitment and enrolment.


Service: The unexpected experience influencer

Posted by Vishal Sarkar on January 28, 2021

Vishal Sarkar emphasizes that now more than ever organizations must look at customer service in a different way both from a technological as well as a process standpoint.


3 tips for staying on your toes with your customer value chain

Posted by Jacob Knettel on October 27, 2020

Jacob Knettel emphasizes the need to rapidly adapt when unpredictable circumstances occur, how you can prepare yourself and ensure you’re delivering high value to your customers.


Rethink customer centricity at Sitecore Symposium

Posted by Benjamin Adamski on October 19, 2020

Join us at virtual Sitecore Symposium, October 26-28.


When responsive customer care depends on the last mile

Posted by Dan Cefaratti on October 8, 2020

Service organizations can take practical steps to bridge the gap between what customers expect and what employees can reasonably deliver during the last mile.


How to wow and retain today’s fickle buyers

Posted by Michael Jacobi on August 31, 2020

Michael Jacobi shares his thoughts on the importance to know what customers like and then to use this knowledge to offer personalized experiences that ultimately promote loyalty.


New retail customer imperatives in a pandemic era

Posted by Avanade News on July 21, 2020

Dave Weinand discusses how the new reality for retail and restaurant has changed customer behavior and how it is critical that the industry work together to meet the new needs of the customer while ensuring the long term viability of their business.


Do cultural differences have an influence on customer experience?

Posted by Mariam Ranchal on June 25, 2020

Cultural awareness in CX is crucial when it comes to comparing CX data across different countries. Mariam Ranchel shares tips to help you are draw valid conclusions.


Breaking down customer value chains to stay competitive

Posted by Avanade News on June 15, 2020

Hugh DeWitte explains how by decoupling the customer value chain, new business models and startups, instead of taking on the big brands of the world head on, peel away a piece of the consumer purchasing process.


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