Perfecting customer experiences with frictionless personalization

  • Posted on January 26, 2017

In my first blog post discussing using personalisation to deliver a seamless customer experience, we delved into context marketing strategy. This follow-up post considers how the people prerogative and frictionless personalisation impact user experience.

The People Prerogative

While all big brands will have people on hand who are familiar with customer experience management, there is no guarantee that they will also be well-versed in the latest tools and trends. In short, the innovations that will define best practice going forward.

When seeking to develop a more accurate, data-rich profile of customers; experience and expertise are both crucial. Companies today are trying to create a ‘perfect’ customer journey, often for countless different personas. Trying to do so without the benefit of dedicated knowledge will make the job that much harder. And, with so much more competition in the marketplace (and increasingly sophisticated customers) the risk of failure is very real  [CLICK TO TWEET].

Businesses should seek long term partnerships with service providers who can bring thought leadership, expertise and experience of helping them through their digital transformation journey, from strategy to delivery and continuous optimisation of their context marketing strategy.

In part, this is why 50% of the businesses investing in modern marketing technology are doing so with freshly implemented skills and third-party expertise. Notably, this approach is yielding impressive results, with 58% of those who make investments seeing a rise in customer satisfaction levels.

It’s essential to carry out a skills audit to find out where customer-facing teams are strong, as well as where they’re lacking. New hires and fresh expertise can revolutionise the customer experience and shorten the buyer journey.

Connected, Frictionless, Personalised

Customer experience trends today are geared towards contextual real-time personalisation, maximising the number of interactions a business has with a customer, and minimising the amount of effort each interaction takes. These trends stem from an acceptance that not every touchpoint will result in a sale, but that every touchpoint should still be a positive and personalised experience that may contribute to future sales and brand advocacy. They are also the reason brands are prioritising connected experiences and frictionless transactions, across all channels, more than ever before.

Importantly, businesses should realise that holding back on their development of personalised, frictionless and seamless interaction is a dangerous game to play. The level of digital maturity in the UK is exceptionally high. People know what a good experience is and will definitely return to the brands that offer it. By the same token, they also know what a bad experience is and will almost immediately cross over to competitors without a second thought.

The banking sector is a good example of how this dynamic is working. The EY Global Consumer Banking Survey 2016 revealed that a positive customer experience is the second biggest factor driving consumers towards ‘digital only’ non-bank providers. Quite simply, the old, established firms are failing to bring the right technologies, expertise and ideas into their customer facing platforms – and they are suffering for it.

Every company should make sure that their digital experiences are born out of their users’ expectations. Using data and insight to ascertain what these expectations are is the important first step, but not the only step. Understanding what is needed to create an emotional connection that creates delight and advocacy is required to stay ahead of the competition.

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