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  • Posted on February 7, 2022
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Sitecore Content Hub production and management

It’s not hard to find information. Today, consumers can search almost any topic and get a seemingly endless list of articles, images and commentary within seconds. This increased availability and accessibility mean people are consuming more content than ever before. But what was once an extraordinary benefit can sometimes seem like a hassle when we’re bombarded by too much information on multiple channels and through excessive touchpoints. Even with a long tradition and experience in content creation, businesses are left wondering, “How do we break through all the noise to get our message heard?”

Transition to a connected experience with Digital Asset Management (DAM)
To manage the ever-evolving digital demands associated with content creation and dissemination, many marketers find themselves taking an increasingly piecemeal approach to content development. They’re using a variety of siloed tools to deal with shorter campaign lifecycles and campaigns with more intricate content requirements to accommodate increasingly greater numbers of stakeholders involved in content production.

Let’s look at a better, more cost-effective option: Digital Asset Management (DAM) technology creates a centralized system for organizing and accessing all your media assets. This centralization makes it easy for you to view and share content, ensuring consistent branding and messaging. A DAM system can help you deliver more accurate and relevant content – and a more consistent experience – for your marketing stakeholders and customers.

At Avanade, we’re meeting an increased demand for content availability. For large enterprises that serve numerous markets, it’s important to have a single source of truth when it comes to product information as well as the ability to localize content and assets for individual regions.

Sitecore Content Hub™ enables a resilient content supply chain
Avanade’s Content Hub can be a viable DAM solution for anyone. While any basic DAM can save you time and costs, not all are equal. Many solutions don’t support the content creation process involving multiple stakeholders. As a result, DAM cannot be used as a single source repository. Avanade’s Content Hub solution, which uses Sitecore Content Hub, offers single-source storage and an end-to-end content supply chain to:

  • Simplify storage, management, distribution and control of digital assets
  • Manage, budget and control every phase of a marketing project or campaign
  • Streamline content strategy, planning, creation and publication
  • Provide real-time access to all product content for e-commerce and other downstream apps
  • Allow users to self-serve and automate content creation with a web-to-print interface

The pandemic accelerated the need for DAM with the modules that Content Hub offers. Having a tool where content is retrievable from the same place helps keep content production efficient and effective, even remotely.

Content management has never been easier than with Avanade’s Content Hub. Its fully integrated platform truly allows marketers to explore and take advantage of greater personalization capabilities for their content and deliver valuable and consistent content across multiple channels. If you are already leveraging the Avanade Headless Digital Experience (HDX) accelerator for Sitecore, the transition to Content Hub is easy. And for those without a Sitecore solution, Content Hub integrates seamlessly with any composable headless digital experience ecosystem.

When it comes to creating a marketing strategy, having a resilient, end-to-end content supply chain solution can contribute to more cost-effective marketing and a more positive customer experience. Look at Volvo Cars, one of the most well-known and respected premium car brands globally. It uses cutting-edge technology to make life easier, better and safer for customers. That includes preparing for a future that will be all-electric, connected and sustainable. Its goal is to be a fully electric car company by 2030. To support this shift, Volvo Cars needed to unify its offer on 100 sites and in 45 languages worldwide. It deployed an intelligent content optimization system, resulting in an 8.2% increase in digital leads, 25% fewer content-related service request tickets and a 50% faster lead time to market for new marketing launches.

End-to-end advantages
Just think what a digital asset management system could do for your end-to-end content supply chain. Avanade Content Hub offers several advantages:

  • Access to consistent branding, consistent messaging – regionally or worldwide
  • Greater agility and more connected content production
  • Streamlined processes and time-to-market for a higher marketing return on investment
  • Consistency that increases customer confidence and loyalty in your brand
  • More efficient and cost-effective IT spend

Ready to join the throngs of companies raising their content production capabilities to new heights?
At Avanade, we help customers discover and implement technical solutions that improve and enrich customer experiences. Through a simple and straightforward assessment of your business’s content strategy and maturity, we can determine the technology and stakeholder requirements needed to facilitate and adopt a DAM system that can work for you. We take the entire content workflow – your content supply chain – into consideration to elevate your customers’ experience with your content by delivering the right digital assets, at the right time, on any channel, anywhere in the world.

If you are experiencing disparity and complexity in the production and management of your business’s marketing content, then Avanade Content Hub may be able to help.

Please reach out anytime for a quick, confidential discussion. We’d love to hear from you.

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