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Microsoft supercharges Power BI with new features

Posted by Ed Bobrin on May 08, 2017

Microsoft is making a splash with newly released Power BI features. Learn more about Power BI Premium and its innovative data and analytics capabilities.

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Mapping digital workplace insights to business value context

Posted by Ed Bobrin on April 24, 2017

Digital transformation is a journey. Before you run, you must walk says Ed Bobrin. Take your first step with Avanade's Digital Workplace Insights.

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Big Data exploration: discovering the new world of analytics

Posted by Ali El Maghraoui on March 17, 2017

Avanade's Ali El Maghraoui draws a fascinating parallel between big data exploration and European high sea expeditions of the XV century. Ready to set sail?

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Your journey towards big data & advanced analytic

Posted by Ali El Maghraoui on January 05, 2017

Digital transformation to big data and advanced analytics can be easy: make sure you do the right things, and make sure you do them the right way.

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Master data management the easy way

Posted by Jamal Khawaja on November 21, 2016

It’s important to note that most companies need master data management. It is the only way to ensure data consistency and it simplifies business analytics.

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The first rule of Big Data

Posted by Jamal Khawaja on October 25, 2016

Food for thought: the potential for abuse of Big Data is enormous, even as it promises a better tomorrow, Jamal Khawaja of Avanade shares what this means.

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Williams Martini Racing and Avanade: deciphering data to get results

Posted by Avanade News on September 14, 2015

Williams and Avanade's partnership is built on collaboration. Williams prides itself on heritage and Avanade brings modern technology to the partnership.

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Creating the perfect business intelligence Scrum team

Posted by Tim de Lange on August 07, 2015

With any project, the development team is the engine that drives the project. Selecting the appropriate scrum team will make way for a successful project.

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The new digital insights lifecycle: data drives actionable insight

Posted by Steve Palmer on July 23, 2015

By embracing data, organizations can engage their customers more effectively, compete more successfully and forge a path to achieve their business goals.

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Data-fueled productivity in the digital workplace

Posted by Ed Bobrin on May 20, 2015

The transformation to digital workplaces is still an evolution, not a revolution, for many – particularly in the realm of data and analytics.

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