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Why you need a stronger data foundation in the pervasive AI era

Posted by Alan Grogan on May 23, 2023

The era of pervasive AI is here. To achieve their artificial intelligence aspirations, organizations will need to harness even more of their data and information. But according to new Avanade research*, 63% of business and IT leaders do not completely trust the data their company uses today. It is deeply concerning that at the same moment in time t...


3 lessons to ensure intelligent automation success

Posted by Jeremy Gilchrist on April 25, 2023

Find out about how to keep feeding your pipeline success, how to ensure stakeholder buy-in on automation results and objectives, and how to make automation ownership clear.


How CFOs can harness process mining to transform finance

Posted by Geoffrey Hodgson on February 21, 2023

Process mining could be the CFO's secret weapon, driving transformation and shaping the next-generation finance department. Learn how.


Harnessing data for more resilient and sustainable supply chains

Posted by Gopinath Pathikonda AND Marryam Khawaja on January 27, 2023

Gopinath Pathikonda and Marryam Khawaja explain how Avanade’s holistic approach and innovative solutions help clients build resilient, data-driven, and more sustainable supply chain operations in the United Arab Emirates.


Changes to UK data regulation laws - The impact for your organisation

Posted by Miles Reah , Rachel Brooks AND Selenay Akalin on January 20, 2023

The UK government has announced upcoming changes to its data protection laws that will differentiate its framework from EU GDPR, enabling companies' greater flexibility to demonstrate compliance. The opportunity extends beyond just being a GDPR compliant organisation - the real differentiation comes through becoming a truly trustworthy organisation...


Teaming up with Amperity to offer modern data stack on Microsoft Cloud

Posted by Aaron Reich AND Alan Grogan on December 8, 2022

Avanade and Amperity are launching a collaboration across Europe to help clients achieve a unified, 360-degree customer profile.


Why you need a data strategy that includes both Databricks and Synapse

Posted by Alan Grogan on December 6, 2022

To build a strong, flexible data ecosystem, you need to harness both Databricks and Synapse within Azure. Learn how.


Data marketplace: Productizing data to improve value-driven consumption

Posted by Guruprasad Raghavendran on September 16, 2022

Imagine a cloud-based platform that exists in your organization where users (employees) can shop for data sets to deliver better experiences, products and services.


Shaping the future of data transformation at the 2022 Data and AI Summit

Posted by Eric Hausken on July 11, 2022

Eric Hausken reports from the 2022 Data and AI Summit while celebrating our 2022 Databricks Global Partner of the Year award.


How banks can minimize risk: Lessons from a leading European bank

Posted by Sarah Rench on June 3, 2022

Learn how banks can stay ahead of multiple, always-evolving risks that can impact their business with Avanade's risk management solution on the Databricks Lakehouse platform.


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