Data-fueled productivity in the digital workplace

  • Posted on May 20, 2015

The transformation to digital workplaces is still an evolution, not a revolution, for many –particularly in the realm of data and analytics. Companies are struggling to prioritize business outcomes related to productivity and salesforce effectiveness. Data and analytics are at the crux of helping businesses achieve their digital goals.

Productivity gains are not just about getting better at making spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel or simply doing things faster. Rather, it’s about finding more innovative ways to gain an edge and become more effective at driving the company’s desired business outcome.

Today productivity and salesforce effectiveness is being driven in new ways, with new data. This is happening through the curation of new data sources (e.g. unstructured, Internet of Things, etc..) via a new modern data platform – and making that data accessible via self-service tools.

However, leveraging this newly discovered trove of data sources does not remove the need for traditional structured data. Instead, it opens the door for creating a blend of this new data with traditional data to drive new insights. To do this, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Proper data governance is still key when it comes to structured data, but accessibility by the business is the one of the key tenants for productivity. Companies will need to balance open access to more types of data for more users, without comprising data governance.
  • This new “data blend” will result in massive volumes of new data as new sources of data flood into the organization. Companies need to be able to quickly store this data in an elastic repository and apply predictive analytical models against the new “data blend” to accelerate decision-making.
  • Desired outcomes can manifest themselves in different ways. For instance, it could be predictive intelligence that suggests the next best action for a service worker or helping the sales team prioritize selling activities in new ways. This can help optimize productivity and ultimately, the business.

The bottom line is that this new approach to data insights can drive business outcomes in a way that just was not possible in the past.  As more companies take advantage of this “insights to outcomes” approach, the digital workplace will be rich with more data than ever before.

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