Highlights from the Databricks Data + AI Summit, and a big award win

  • Posted on June 28, 2023
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In the rapidly evolving world of data transformation, there’s never been a moment like this one. The era of pervasive AI is here. And it’s clear that recent innovations stand to help clients do more with their data: from advancements in large language models, generative AI, intelligent automation, real-time streaming data, and much more.

That’s why it’s an exciting time to be at the 2023 Data + AI Summit, hosted by our partner Databricks. Thousands from across the data industry are convening to learn about what the future holds for the lakehouse, the data platform championed by Databricks that’s also integral to many Avanade clients’ success. And from keynotes to conversations in the halls, nearly everyone seems to be talking about generative AI: how will organizations pivot, and how can they be ready data to make the most of it.

Partner of the year: Celebrating 5 years of collaboration excellence
At the Summit, Databricks named Avanade and Accenture its 2023 Global Partner of the Year. This is the 5th year in a row we’re honored to receive this recognition. Additionally, Avanade was named the Databricks 2023 EMEA Partner of the Year – representing the 8th major regional partner award we’ve received from Databricks. These awards recognize our joint results that, together with Databricks, Avanade is driving with clients around the globe.

We could not be prouder of the work we do every day alongside Databricks. Avanade continues to invest, and drive clients to invest, in the Databricks Lakehouse for more valuable data, and faster insights to fuel better business decision-making. We’ve built proprietary solutions, accelerators and frameworks that help clients achieve success with Databricks. And we’re continuing to expand our Databricks expertise through our Databricks Champions program, training and certification initiatives, and more.

Two new white papers will help clients demystify data transformation
Through our work with Databricks and beyond, Avanade helps organizations across the globe build a stronger data ecosystem through data modernization. At the Data + AI Summit, we are sharing two new white papers, now available for download at no cost:

  1. How to select the best data platform for your business. The importance of a data, analytics and AI platform is unquestionable. But is your organization considering all the factors you need to be successful? Download our data, analytics and AI platform buyers’ guide to ensure you’re matching the capabilities and value you need for data transformation at your organization.

  2. Accelerate data value with Modern Analytics and Governance (MAG) at Scale. Explore our latest guidance and best practices for an end-to-end analytics ecosystem aligned to data mesh, data fabric, and data hub. In this white paper, now available for download, we share recommendations on how to put it all together, showing how emerging data strategies could help you revamp your enterprise.

Speaking sessions at Summit: Simplify your data challenges, faster
At the Summit, Avanade executives are showcasing three different components to accelerating data modernization.

1. Two of our data and AI leaders, Alan Grogan and Timur Mehmedbasic, will lead a session on the rapidly-evolving landscape of data platform transformation. They will showcase how organizations can accelerate time to value through adopting Modern Analytics and Governance at Scale. Learn how Databricks’ modern data stack fits the Azure PaaS and SaaS ecosystem, how Unity catalog metadata supports automated data operations scenarios, and how we are helping clients measure modern analytics and governance business impact and value. Registered Summit attendees (in-person and virtual) will be able to access a reply of their presentation in coming days at the session agenda page.

2. Thomas Kim, a Databricks Solution Architect Champion as well as a leader for the global Databricks community at Avanade, is leading a session on real-time analytics with structured streaming and delta tables. He’ll be joined by Avanade alumnus Dael Williamson, EMEA Field CTO at Databricks and Zoé Durand, Sr. Product Manager at Databricks to show how clients are tackling the people and process problems that come with technology.

Panel Discussion Databricks

3. Finally, Francesco Pizzolon, Avanade director, data engineering at Avanade, will present on Delta sharing, a Lakehouse component and key enabler of the data mesh framework. Replay of this session will also be available soon at its agenda page.

Let’s talk Lakehouse and the optimal data transformation strategy
We’re proud to be a platinum sponsor of the Databricks Data + AI Summit, one of the industry’s largest events of the year. So far at the Summit, we’ve connected with clients; showcased some of our proprietary technology that helps clients accelerate data value faster; highlighted our unique POV on data modernization; and learned much from leaders and Databricks and others working to build the future with data innovation.

We would love to keep the conversation going and share even more highlights from the Summit this year.

If you’d like to explore what’s possible with a stronger data strategy in the pervasive AI era, contact us and request a data enablement workshop today.

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