Driving touch-enabled analytics with Microsoft Datazen acquisition

  • Posted on April 14, 2015

DatazenData has permeated every single aspect of our lives both at home and at work. For today’s digital businesses, data is increasingly the currency at the heart of enterprises, driving strategy and investment decisions, enabling them to differentiate themselves and succeed in the digital world.

However, the challenge goes beyond just collecting and deciphering the data. Companies are looking for ways to use that data to make decisions and open up new revenue streams. To make this possible, companies want answers to business questions, leveraging data in a way that is easy to use and accessible from anywhere, on any device.

As companies worldwide look for simpler ways to generate data insights, we’re thrilled to hear that Microsoft is bringing the power of Datazen Software to its platform. At Avanade, we’ve invested heavily in building a deep bench of experts that can help companies consume data in a rich, visually compelling and interactive way, built on the Microsoft platform. Microsoft’s Power BI strategy is helping companies extract maximum value from data – and now, Datazen will further put the pervasive use of mobile devices to work in deriving value from data.

Datazen Software is an industry leader in mobile business intelligence and data visualization on Windows, iOS and Android devices. This acquisition will complement Microsoft’s cloud-based business analytics service with advanced touch-enabled mobile capabilities for enterprises who need a mobile BI solution implemented on-premises and optimized for SQL Server.

Avanade has been working with Datazen for more than a year on our Avanade Touch Analytics solution. We forged this partnership with Datazen to help our enterprise customers by providing access to an on-premises, touch-based, mobile analytics solution that could support multiple mobile platforms and device form factors with both online and offline use cases. This was a need our customers were asking for – delivering data and analytics information through mobile devices. Touch analytics helps reduce big data challenges to the essentials – aka consumable on a smaller screen – and extend analytics to mobile devices to empower real-time ability to get ‘answers anywhere’, supporting decision making while online or offline.

With an estimated 10 million connected devices in use today, it is exciting to see this Microsoft Datazen acquisition. While touch-enabled experiences are quickly becoming the norm, architecting them and pushing them to a wide variety of mobile devices requires a different approach. Now, customers will be able to integrate Power BI and deliver compelling data visualizations to their users across multiple devices more easily on the Microsoft platform.

Congratulations to both of our partners on this news. With nearly two years of experience already working with Datazen and Microsoft to deliver our Touch Analytics solution, Avanade is poised to help Microsoft’s customers take full advantage of the benefits this acquisition brings to their organization. We’re excited to partner with Microsoft and Datazen to continue creating a simpler way to gain data-driven insights to drive their businesses forward.

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