Williams Martini Racing and Avanade: deciphering data to get results

  • Posted on September 14, 2015

Williams Martini RacingThe following is a guest blog post by Jakob Andreasen, Chief Performance and Operations Engineer at Williams Martini Racing.

While some people may know the importance of what happens under the body of an F1 car, less will be aware of how much a race lies in the hands of technology. The amount of data that can be generated on the track is monumental; interpreting it is crucial to the planning and execution of a successful race.

With Avanade, we’ve developed a tyre optimisation tool that allows us to look more closely at tyre performance and run simulations to see how races will likely pan out. This helps us answer vital questions, such as the optimal time for performing a pit stop.

It is this type of essential tool we need to keep up to date in our agile preparation periods. The demanding race calendar means that we release new updates every two weeks and it’s thoroughly tested in between. The real test comes on race day and it’s important we scrutinise everything in order to improve race by race.

One of the main things that Williams’ partnership with Avanade brings is collaboration. Williams is a business with a strong heritage and with Avanade we are able to modernise each part of the organisation, ensuring technologies are as up to date as possible.

We had three weeks to prepare for the Barcelona race weekend, giving Williams Martini Racing and Avanade time to bring in a number of new technologies and performance upgrades to the car. It was in this race that we saw what can be achieved by working in a truly digital environment; the data and upgrades mid-race allowed us to alter our pit strategy.

The Barcelona race weekend cemented the partnership between Williams Martini Racing and Avanade as one with a positive future. Working together on a long-term plan is allowing us to create strategies based on what we know can be delivered, meaning we get ahead of the competition.

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