3 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10

  • Posted on September 3, 2015
The following blog post was written by Avanade alum Jerome Thiebaud.

Windows 10

During the four-hour keynote at Microsoft Ignite in Chicago this year, the highlight for me was the introduction of Windows 10 and the subsequent demos that morning. As the keynote went on, it became clear to me that Windows 10 was going to be an integral part of the digital workplace journey and platform, and would fit naturally along Office 365 and Azure as core technologies developed by Microsoft and leveraged by Avanade. As such, there are 3 reasons for companies to consider upgrading to Windows 10.

  1. Windows 10 allows employees to be more productive right away with features such as smart multitasking, cross device universal apps and Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant already available on Windows phones.
  1. Windows 10 enables and accelerates workforce scenarios across a broad range of devices from large presentation screens to small smartphone screens. It enables those workforces to be more efficient, productive and engaged. This is what digital workplace is all about: creating a high-performance workplace tailored to specific workforces. A recent Avanade study revealed that 93 percent of senior IT and business decision makers agreed that increased employee engagement has a positive impact on the bottom line. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:

Field service: Field service workers need to be mobile and interact hands-free with devices. Cortana, the cross-device digital assistant, delivers rich information with intelligent context via talking or typing. It can send and dictate emails, launch apps and query complex data. Its machine learning capabilities make it smarter over time. Coupled with the Microsoft holographic computer HoloLens, when available, a field worker will be able to project a schematic of a machine he or she is working on and share voice and video hands-free with headquarters to solve issues in the field more quickly.

Sales: Salespeople need to be on the road, adaptable, flexible and manage their time efficiently to deliver sales results. Windows 10 Continuum allows them to project a presentation from their smart phone onto a large screen. Office on Windows, which features new universal Windows applications for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint offering a consistent, Touch First experience across a range of devices increases sales productivity out of the box and simplifies team collaboration with content sync via OneDrive.

  1. Windows 10 simplifies IT management and employee adoption with a familiar user experience combined with mobile and productivity innovations as well as increased security. This simplified management and deployment will help lower costs. In short, as Microsoft pointed out in their Windows 10 announcement blog post, it delivers “one universal app platform, combined with one security model and one deployment and management approach, with a unified experience across devices.” That simplified approach makes it very compelling to integrate Windows 10 in the digital workplace journey by increasing IT agility and speed, fast response to organizational changes, uptime and reducing costs.

The bottom line is that with these powerful new features, Windows 10 provides many opportunities to improve workforce productivity, increase security while empowering self-service options and provide better employee experience. It is an integral part of the digital workplace journey. As companies are taking a look at Windows 10, it is a great opportunity to holistically review their workplace and understand how to best maximize their existing investments while leveraging Windows 10 new features and capabilities.

With targeted digital workplace workshops and assessments, Avanade has the expertise to assist you with your Windows 10 upgrade. More broadly, we can jointly explore how a digital workplace can help you achieve your business goals and to better understand your existing environment and gaps that may need to be filled.

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