5 major trends: the future of digital workplace

  • Posted on July 21, 2015

digital workplace trendsAccording to a recent study by Avanade, digital workplace has become a must. Ninety-nine percent of organizations that have adopted digital workplace tools have experienced business benefits – including employee engagement. Therefore, let’s reflect on five major key trends impacting companies undertaking the digital workplace journey.

  • The scope of a comprehensive digital workplace makes it impossible for a single vendor to be a one-stop shop. Therefore companies must develop a strong digital workplace vendor ecosystem to help them in their path to successful digital transformation. Accordingly, vendors must learn how to work and cooperate together to develop integrated solutions for customers. As a consequence, leadership will be needed for large integrators such as Avanade to organize the chaos. They need to have a vibrant and strong partner ecosystem to reinforce their position as a digital workplace leader.
  • IT is shifting from an emphasis on deployment and maintenance costs to focus on employee satisfaction. Gartner points out that employee satisfaction is now the 3rd most used performance metrics by CIO. (54% versus cost at 77%) The consumerization of IT drives increased employee request regarding technology in the enterprise and it needs to be easy to use, connect with home devices and apps, and deliver real immediate value. The implication for companies is the need to focus on their user adoption and employee satisfaction and it will drive successful implementations. The increased employee engagement resulting from those projects will deliver renewed business with clients as employee engagement has direct impact on bottom line.
  • Enterprises are engaging in digital workplace projects without recognizing it. According to Gartner, 54% of companies are currently doing nothing or doing some form of digital workplace unknowingly. 46% of companies have specific digital workplace projects underway in various shapes. The key to success (based on Gartner methodology) is to start with a couple of projects solving urgent employee pain points using agile consumer approach. As recently illustrated by Matt Cain from Gartner at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit, IT will turn them into a portfolio of digital workplace projects to focus on high employee adoption, in other words start small and focus. Ultimately, success will drive momentum and demand across companies and develop a pervasive strategy. The implications for companies is not to try to solve all issues at once, focus on quick wins delivering visible results and high employee adoption, introduce digital concepts and set the stage for escalation to portfolio approach, and help business units build on successes to develop internal demand.
  • Microsoft is and will remain an important player in the digital workplace space due to the domination of flagship products such as SharePoint. According to The Digital Workplace Group, 70% of corporate intranets are developed on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. In addition, Gartner recognizes the importance of Microsoft and the success of Office 365 and Azure. There will be a huge demand for business advice based on next generation technologies for Microsoft such as Delve, Sway, Office Graph, etc. The implications for companies is to avoid technology silos and look for partners with leadership in developing business solutions leveraging a broad range of technologies including Office 365 and Windows 10. For instance, Office 365 workplace apps leveraging key business scenarios will quickly become pervasive in the enterprise and companies should pay close attention to the developing ecosystem. Managed app stores will be in huge demand once workplace apps become prevalent and will require the help of skilled partners such as Avanade.
  • Companies are increasingly embracing digital workplace and sophisticated scenarios with aggressive time to markets measured in mere weeks and months. Delta and Heineken, for instance, two of Avanade’s clients, highlight compelling digital workplace business cases and results. For instance, happy Heineken reps increased their store visits from 20 to 22 while getting rid of evening administration.

Avanade is at the forefront of the digital workplace transformation leveraging new technologies like Windows 10 and Office 365 to drive real business value for our clients. Click over to our webpage for more information, research and actionable insights on digital workplace transformation for the enterprise.


"Transformation, engagement, chaos, escalation, sophisticated, ecosystem", etc. 
Some old key words for new environment(s). Is it possible and/or necessary to "start from the beginning"?

July 28, 2015

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