Amazing customer experience really can contribute to the greater good

  • Posted on December 19, 2016

customer experience

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Christina Winquist. 

We talk a lot about enriching customer experiences and creating consistency across channels to unify interactions with our clients’ brands.  But at the end of the day it’s when we enrich customer LIVES that the magic happens!

For example, Avanade recently worked with the Australia Department of Industry, Innovation and Science that supports small and medium businesses with advisory services, grants and assistance, and improved business capabilities.  Awareness regarding their services and benefits was low, but with an enhanced user-centric business.gov.au website and a new content management system on the cloud, online interactions significantly increased to 13 million unique page views and their contact center handled over 80,000 calls.

This means that new and struggling business owners can take advantage of the department’s services, grow into globally competitive organizations, and contribute not only to the economy, but the people and communities across Australia, enriching THEIR lives.  We can actually see the domino effect that strategic customer experiences and interactions can have on the greater good Twitter [CLICK TO TWEET].

Another example is at SpareBank 1, one of the largest banks in Norway, with a vision of offering a more comprehensive range of services to customers so they can simplify the management of their banking and insurance needs.  By consolidating 17 disparate data sources and systems, SpareBank 1 can create one view of the customer to understand which banking and insurance products can make their customers’ lives easier and then personalize communications and discounted offerings to their needs.

New technologies continue to enable better customer interactions and understanding how those experiences can have a deeper, more philanthropic impact on the world is critical to creating more opportunities to benefit the greater good.

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