Bridging customer experiences for improved loyalty and satisfaction

  • Posted on April 7, 2016

Customer Experiences

We collected insights from our Avanade experts on a very common question that many marketers face today – how to bridge online-to-offline customer experiences for improved loyalty and satisfaction. Here’s what they had to say.

Ken Ramoutar - customer experiencesKen Ramoutar, SVP, Solutions and Industry Marketing

Forget the notion of online-to-offline. It’s an idea that will derail your thinking about what really matters… and that is the entire continuous experience customers have with your company. As a consumer do you really think of your world as online or offline? I don’t. One great way to really understand your customer experience is to do a customer journey map. Map out all the touch points your customers have with your company whether it’s digital, with people, with a robot, or a mix of all of these. Evaluate the quality, seamlessness, and just how easy it is for your customers. The map will tell you a lot about where to focus the energy to build a better and differentiated customer experience. Loyalty will follow experience.

author-Michael-Isaac customer experiencesMichael Isaac, Sr. Director, Advanced Analytics

Your customer satisfaction and loyalty are inextricably tied to the quality of customer experience you’re providing. In order to provide a “Wow!” experience, campaigns must move from talking at Personas to communicating with Known Individuals. There are 4 key steps in making this happen: Unifying online and offline data, Enriching that with other trusted data sources, Unlocking insight by applying rules and machine learning to each and every person or app that needs it, and finally Enabling business processes to act immediately on this insight.

Johnathan VaradyJonathan Vardy, Group Manager, Digital Strategy

Think about that coffee shop barista that remembers your special order or that store assistant that knows your style and finds you the perfect outfit. Consciously or unconsciously, you probably favor these stores over other options and you may not even mind that they are more expensive. You are also more likely to be a vocal advocate of these businesses. At the core, we don’t want to be treated as one-size-fits-all anonymous consumers; recognition and identity are important to us, and here lies a great opportunity for retailers. Take an assistant in a fashion retail store. By equipping the store assistants with mobile devices and providing them with insight into customer profiles, we enable them to offer a personal touch to their service. We can also take this to the next level by applying analytics and machine learning. With this, we can examine trends in consumer purchases over all brands and marry that with social sentiment such as Pinterest.  This way, we can determine what products a certain consumer is likely to be interested in based on a far larger set of data than the store assistant has access to locally, providing them even more insight into their customers’ preferences.

For more information on building a digital customer strategy for your organization, visit us at www.avanade.com/digitalcustomer.

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