How to effectively define what matters through continual change

  • Posted on October 24, 2022
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There is no denying that we are living in a world of continual change. There is uncertainty everywhere caused by uncertain economies and political conflicts, as well as positive enablers of change such as advances in technology and the evolution of societal norms. For many in older generations (aka Baby Boomers and Generation X), change is destabilizing at its best and bewildering and shocking at its worst. However, younger generations are constantly bombarded with a stream of cultural shifts and once-in-a-lifetime events. Change is something they take in their stride, even ignore, as they prioritize the things that are most important: the things that matter.

Prioritize practical actions to embrace continual change

Focusing on what matters is critical to surviving and thriving in this world of continual change. Leadership experience still matters, but nobody is fully equipped to deal with this change. Even within the realms of technology, we need fresh views on how to tackle huge issues such as meeting UN goals for sustainability or changing our world to take advantage of the metaverse or dealing with the future of work after the pandemic. Issues such as these can be overwhelming, and leaders are often challenged to get started and move forward. We encourage clients to tackle these issues in the same way: focus on continually evolving, rather than the end goal.

Identifying and prioritizing practical actions is key. At Avanade Advisory, we are passionate about helping clients to define what matters. We want to help organizations and their people really make the most of the benefits continual change can bring. This means getting clear on what matters most and, more importantly, why. Making a small investment of time and effort to define what matters and why at the beginning of a journey can save costs and course corrections down the line. Equally as importantly, when you clearly define what matters, you are better positioned to innovate more differentiated solutions and to maximize engagement with employees, customers, and partners.

Amplify dual perspectives to define what matters

To define what matters requires a diversity of voices. At Avanade Advisory, one of the ways we are proud to embrace diversity is by being intentional about incorporating inputs from both experienced and early career leaders to identify and prioritize actions. Within Avanade Advisory, my global leadership team takes counsel from a panel of early-career leaders on practice priorities. We similarly seek to amplify the perspectives of early career leaders in Avanade Advisory thought leadership and at global events like World Economic Forum in Davos. We are also focused on continuing to increase this ‘dual perspectives’ approach in our partnership with clients, bringing together insights and experiences from both experienced and early career leader to define what matters. We then partner with our Avanade colleagues to help clients effectively and efficiently take practical actions to embrace continual change.

To learn more about how we can help you define what matters and prioritize practical actions within a month, visit Avanade Advisory or to discuss more, contact us.

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