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  • Posted on June 6, 2016

the employee experience

Why is the digital employee experience suddenly hot on the radar of today’s enterprises? It’s not just HR leaders talking about this issue, either; recent studies have shown that more than half of CIOs now place employee satisfaction in their top three metrics. Two main factors are fueling this trend and both are dramatically re-shaping the global workforce:

  • Younger workers – these digital natives (Generations Y and Z) are changing jobs with increasing frequency and seeking out roles that provide them with strong work-life balance as well as creative or intellectual fulfillment in addition to a paycheck.
  • Workers 60 years and older – seasoned employees (Gen X and Boomers) are remaining in the workforce longer, which means that for the first time in history, we will have several generations of workers in the enterprise.

Both of these growing age groups put enormous pressure on organizations to provide ever more engaging employee experiences in order to fight attrition and meet the needs of a workforce that is increasingly diverse. But how?

Treat your workers as if they were customers

Consider what companies have been doing for years to improve the customer experience. They’ve implemented technologies and processes to better understand their customers – the goal of which is to provide the customer with a personalized experience that leads to a sale and long-term loyalty.

The key to a good employee experience is in utilizing a lot of these same, tried-and-true customer service principles. Each employee is unique and requires different tools in order to be effective, so organizations must provide them with an appropriate environment that allows them to collaborate and connect with the broader organization in a meaningful way, wherever they are. Doing so will lead to higher employee effectiveness, satisfaction and retention.

Getting started with the cloud

Most organizations have taken at least the early steps in their digital workplace journey (email, social media and mobile devices, for example), though their maturity when it comes to being an integrated digital workplace can vary significantly. A good first step for most companies is the implementation of Office 365 – which is becoming increasingly sophisticated – as a way to unify employees across geographies as well as business units, giving them a secure way to share information and collaborate, via the cloud.

Let’s look at an example. Avanade has been working with UPM, a global leader in the new forest industry, helping implement a global workspace platform aimed at allowing them to communicate and collaborate more effectively. Through the deployment of Office 365 and SharePoint for more than 15,000 workstations, UPM is now able to make collaboration, sustainability and innovation an integral part of the organization’s culture – while increasing employee engagement and retention across different age groups.

Organizations can only provide great digital experiences for their customers if they are also digital on the inside. A workplace that provides employees with what they need – whether in the office, in the field or on the go – and focuses on providing a personalized experience for each employee, is a workplace that’s well-positioned to attract and retain the best talent in today’s market and ultimately better serve its customers.

To learn more on the importance of a digital employee experience, hear from our panel of industry experts, including Paul Miller (CEO of the Digital Workplace Group), Trevor Hardy (CEO of think tank The Future Laboratory) and Avanade’s CTIO Chris Miller in the video below.

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