#DigitalBizChat: digital sales transformation tweetchat recap

  • Posted on July 22, 2016

digital sales transformation

We were honored to have Dion Hinchcliffe of 7Summits, ZDNet and CXOTalk moderate our most recent #DigitalBizChat on ways to improve, empower and enable sales teams through the power of digital transformation. In addition to discussing the impact of digital technology on the sales profession, participants shared practical, actionable ways to leverage digital to create a more effective selling environment.

We heard perspectives from a variety of industry experts, analysts, influencers and IT leaders including Jill Rowley, Thomas Power, Brian Katz, Tim Crawford, Ginger Conlon, Robin Kersey, Pascal Viginier and Tom Zorde. A number of our Avanade leaders and experts also participated in the discussion including Nigel Kirkham, Ruven Gotz, Dan Larkin, Olivier Polfliet, Thomas Krofta, Dave Nelson, Michelle Caldwell and Sheetal Shah, among others. Below are some of the notable observations and insights that arose from the conversation:

  • With more competition for customers’ attention than ever before, the pressure on sales to move quickly and effectively has never been greater
  • Today’s digital sales tools allow sellers to provide personalized service and spend more quality face-to-face time with customers to build stronger relationships.
  • Sales teams want mobile tools that give them scale and speed that can be used anywhere; in the office, on site with prospects or on the road.
  • Sellers need to be aware of where customers are in their buying journey, digital tools give them that insight.
  • True digital transformation requires a culture shift within the organization, as well as communication and collaboration across key business functions.

We’d like to extend a big thank you to our host and moderator Dion Hinchcliffe, as well as all participants. If you were not able to attend/participate in the discussion, below are some of the highlights:

How has selling changed from 3-5 years ago? What is different today with selling than before?

How is digital business transformation impacting the sales process and cycle?

What are some challenges you’ve seen when implementing a Digital Sales strategy?

How has digital transformed what you need to know about your prospective customers?

How does digital sales impact the customer experience?

How does digital help sell faster and make your sales people’s job easier?

How are your sales people adapting to digital sales?

How does enabling digital technologies impact engagement and attrition of your sales team?

Can you share some of your best practices regarding digital transformation?

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