Employee experience is not only a topic for HR managers

  • Posted on November 8, 2017
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employee experience
When I started to apply human-centered design to digital solutions for employees, some clients used to think it was quite weird. And unusual. Why should they spend money to improve the employee experience, when they could force their adoption? Fortunately, in the last few years things have certainly changed and every company feels the urgency to create an employee experience that mirrors their best customer experience. Why? To enhance employee productivity and engagement and make life easier for HR managers. But what if we were also able to improve customer experience without any customer action apart from enhancing the employee experience? 

Humans are the first, and most important, brand touchpoint. They are the brand voice through all the customer service channels, and the face in the store or in the office. Improving their experience means something more than improving efficiency. That’s why a couple of years ago with Roberta Capellini and the Bicocca University, we initiated research to prove that employee and customer experience are tightly intertwined. In fact, we were able to verify that a company that improves the employee experience, can affect the customer experience, too. 

Of course, we were not the only ones to examine this interesting linkage. Since the beginning of 2000, a lot of researchers focused on the relationships between employees and customer satisfaction. My favourites are “The relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction” by Jeon & Choi and “A meta-analysis of relationships linking employee satisfaction to customer responses” by Brown & Lam.

I hope that scientific studies like these focused on interesting connections help all of us to embrace a more holistic view of our clients’ short and long-term benefits, especially when we speak about experience. It would help to set-up more appropriate challenges and more accurate KPIs to measure the success of initiatives related to employee experience.

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