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  • Posted on June 30, 2016

great customer experiences

Last week, we partnered with Ray Wang of Constellation Research for a TweetChat on delivering better digital customer experiences. Given the importance of this topic for today’s enterprises, the dialogue was energetic and engaging, with experts across many industries weighing in with their perspectives on digital business transformation and its impact on the customer experience. The conversation also included several mentions of Avanade and Sitecore’s recent research on digital customer experience trends.

A wide assortment of industry experts, analysts, influencers and IT leaders weighed in on the topic, including Michael KrigsmanMaribel LopezBrian Katz and Beth Torrie. We also heard from our Avanade leaders and experts, including Florin Rotar, Wayne Anderson, David Torres, Sherri Brouwer and Dan O’Hara, among others. Below are some of the notable observations and insights that arose from the conversation:

  • Creating compelling customer experiences starts by listening to customer needs, and remembering that customers are humans, too.
  • Digital business transformation requires a culture shift that must start at the top. Leadership must walk the talk.
  • It’s ok to experiment to learn what works. Some of the most meaningful digital customer experience improvements are created by trial and error, and a willingness to test.
  • Employees are an often-overlooked audience segment. In order to provide digital experiences on the outside, organizations must have a digital employee experience on the inside.

We’d like to thank our host Ray Wang for moderating the discussion, as well as everyone who participated. If you missed the TweetChat, below are some of the highlights from the discussion.

Where is your org on the digital customer experience journey to becoming a digital customer-centric company?

What are the biggest obstacles to creating positive customer experiences and what keeps you up at night?

As part of your digital business transformation, what area(s) are you prioritizing and why?

What methods are you using to personalize your customer experiences?

How do you measure the impact and your investment in customer experience and with what tools?

In what ways are you using smarter individual targeting to create segments of one?

Name some creative ways you’ve been engaged by your favorite brands. What are those brands?

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