Sell more with intelligent context in the digital workplace

  • Posted on June 26, 2015

intelligent contextAsk any sales representative what the biggest challenge they face is and they’ll likely tell you that it’s time management. According to an Accenture Insights survey, Chief Sales Officers (CSOs) said that only 49% of their salesforce’s time is spent selling or generating leads.

The same survey also found that CSOs expect only 59% of their sales reps to meet their quotas. There’s clearly a correlation between the two statistics. Sales people want to sell, not get caught up in administrative tasks or tracking down the information they need to do their jobs.

While many sales leaders have focused on implementing CRM systems, this has often been more a tool for sales management. In order to really support the needs of sales people, we need to give them the tools, support and information they need to be more effective in their jobs – a true Digital Workplace, not just more administrative work.

An important part of any Digital Workplace is intelligent context -- giving sales people the right insight at the right time on the right device to make them more productive.  Intelligent context tailors information and tools to an employee’s role, location, industry and the task – efficiently connecting sales reps to the right experts and automatically serving up appropriate, real-time information that is highly relevant to the opportunity the sales rep is working on right now.

Compare this to the hours or even days traditionally spent trying to find and then track down the people that might have the information you need. Intelligent context automatically makes the connections to the right people and the right information and pushes this information to workers in a personalized workspace.

These personalized workspace are especially effective with on-boarding new employees. The Accenture/CSO Insights survey cited that 59% of CSOs are looking to increase the size of their salesforce, yet 80% believe that it takes six months to get a new sales rep fully productive.

The digital workplace cuts down this induction time. It stops new employees having to familiarize themselves with multiple complicated systems to find the right information. With intelligent context, the right data now simply finds them.

In addition, intelligent context can reduce the time required for a sales rep to put together an informed and effective proposal or quote for the customer. The sales rep is now automatically provided with:

  • Examples and win rates of similar deals
  • Connections with experts and colleagues who have experience at that customer or on the products being sold
  • Intelligence on how competitors might position themselves to the customer
  • A shared workspace to easily collaborate with other team members

All of this needs to be accessible to sales reps who are constantly on the go. Time spent travelling shouldn’t be downtime. Giving them the information they need via whatever device they have at hand is an effective way of ensuring they can continue working, be it at an airport departure lounge or in a taxi.

Working within a modern digital workplace means that sales people can focus on what they do best: sell. And freeing up more time for selling also leads to a happier, more productive sales team.

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