The only game in town for your digital business: Dynamics 365

  • Posted on October 31, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The following blog post was written by Avanade alum Jackie Cheng.

The soon to be released Microsoft Dynamics 365 has already generated significant buzz in the industry as a revolutionary breakthrough. It unites Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Office 365 under a Common Data Model (CDM) in the cloud. With its advanced analytics and data visualization capabilities, Dynamics 365 enables any user to access business critical insights any place any time. I will break down each element to help you understand what this new technology can mean for you and your business Twitter [CLICK TO TWEET].

Using the Common Data Model

Let’s take a real business scenario. Imagine you are on a Skype call with your customer and you are asked to provide an item quote and confirm a date of delivery. Using Dynamics 365, while on the Skype call, you are able to log requirements, use embedded access in Outlook to immediately look up previous activities with your client, the requested item quote, availability of the item inventory, and potential shipping schedule from your company’s ERP and CRM systems.

Seamlessly, you generate a quote with other relevant information in Microsoft Word and email it to your client. All of this is enabled using your Outlook interface without flipping between applications, a lot of cutting and pasting or double entry. What an efficient way to conduct business and differentiate from your competitors.

From a practical perspective, CDM unifies ERP, CRM and Office 365 on Microsoft Azure platform eliminating complex integration across major elements of your business applications.

Power BI and Cortana Intelligence

Dynamics 365 also comes with natively embedded analytics tools and predictive capability. What do Microsoft Power BI and Cortana Intelligence mean for you?  Imagine you are participating in an operations review remotely via Skype on your tablet. While going through your numbers, you are asked to compare current financial results to last quarter, last year this quarter, predictive results for next quarter by products within each of the region.

How will you describe your numbers with that many dimensions so quickly? It’s rather simple with Dynamics 365! Just click on a built-in analytics dashboard then click “present” on your Skype. Voila!

The most up-to-the-minute information is organized into meaningful charts and displayed on everyone’s devices (including smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops) along with cross-sell recommendations to help predict which products and services your customer will need.

In the Cloud Model

It gets even better. Dynamics 365 is a true cloud service on Microsoft Azure. Imagine a few minutes before a live presentation you are made aware that servers are down due to some system performance issues. Luckily, you will avoid these embarrassments with a Cloud-based Dynamics 365. Microsoft manages your production environment and Microsoft professionals are constantly monitoring the usage and performance of it. Preventive maintenance will be routinely performed as part of your service level agreement. With Dynamics 365’s Cloud service not only is your presentation safe, but you can also access your information anytime, anywhere.

All of that is part of the digital journey that most businesses are taking in order to put highly contextualized information in the hands of their employees, partners and clients.

Here are a couple suggestions to get you started on your digital business journey:

  • If your organization is using Microsoft Dynamics AX (ERP) or CRM applications, it is time to move to Dynamics 365 to enjoy the Azure cloud-based business applications that natively integrates ERP with CRM and Office 365.
  • If your organization is using other legacy ERP or CRM systems, it is time to adopt Dynamics 365 so you, too, can experience the most innovative technology and business integration of ERP, CRM and Office 365.

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