Streamline your internal experience to elevate your customer experience

  • Posted on May 22, 2024
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Elevating your customer experience

Today’s customers may not know it consciously, but they expect content that can flex and flow around their ever-changing needs. If they don’t get experiences that meet or exceed their expectations, they'll find them elsewhere.

Businesses that are victorious in the experience arena understand the value of a superior content management system (CMS). Today’s leaders know it, with approximately 90% of enterprises agreeing that legacy and monolithic applications are a major obstacle to their service delivery1. They need a modern, cloud-native CMS to streamline internal processes and generate the speed and agility needed to meet customer expectations.

Sitecore XM Cloud: The always current CMS that’s designed to adapt
Imagine a symphony orchestra, with a complete ensemble of fully equipped musicians working together to create harmonious music in diverse styles and at varying tempos. In a similar way, Sitecore XM Cloud acts as the conductor at the center of your content operations. It brings everyone and everything together, empowering your teams with easily accessible, always up-to-date tools for faster content delivery, internal agility and cross-team collaboration.

The result is a beautiful composition, where your people work in unison to create personalized, relevant, omni-channel customer experiences that engage and convert. It’s the complete composable, SaaS-based solution for content.

72% of retailers are already embracing a composable approach to ecommerce2. Here’s what’s possible:

  • Increased speed: Streamline your operations to deliver content at lightning-fast speed, ensuring information is transmitted quickly and efficiently to meet customer needs.
  • Greater agility: Maintain your marketers’ dynamism with new tools to customize content with reusable components and templates. Keep your developers at the edge of what’s possible with APIs that unlock faster, modernized experiences via preferred frameworks and languages.
  • Higher relevance: Optimize your sites for conversion and engagement with embedded market-tested analytics and personalization capabilities – improving user experience and strengthening customer relationships.
  • Omni-channel consistency: Create, manage, and publish multi-site, multilingual content across multiple channels and devices to easily reach your customers in the ways they prefer.
  • Creative simplicity and freedom: Empower your content creators with an intuitive authoring system on a simplified headless CMS. Equip your developers with the most modern front-end tools to build exceptional experiences with complete freedom.
  • Always current: Embrace the modern SaaS CMS approach of XM Cloud for an always up-to-date platform that’s seamlessly scalable, on demand.

Advance your CMS with Avanade’s Platform Modernization Assessment
While CMS modernization may seem like a complex journey, Sitecore’s platform and Avanade’s advisory expertise simplify your path to success. Over the course of a four-week engagement period, Avanade dives deep into your systems and processes while developing a collaborative XM Cloud migration roadmap with your teams.

Our Platform Modernization Assessment generates a detailed report, highlighting where best practice is being followed and which areas require improvement. The results are complemented by our recommendations, guiding you toward improved stability, performance, efficiency, and ease of use. Our process is underpinned by four fundamental areas:

  • Code health
    Our team examines the state of your code, ensuring it follows best practice and performs optimally to maximize your return on investment.

  • Content foundations
    By assessing your data structure, typical content lifecycles and security considerations, we identify improvements to support your business goals while minimizing any impact on content editors.

  • Performance
    We check across multiple tiers to report on potential optimizations, including caching, Sitecore configuration tuning, usage of content delivery networks and assessing performance-impacting variables.

  • Cloud readiness
    We explore current applications’ readiness for cloud and SaaS adoption and provide guidance with a migration roadmap that maximizes retention of your existing investment.

Avanade and Sitecore: Customer experience that starts with you
Avanade and Sitecore are two sides of the same coin. Together, we empower you to seize an agile, intuitive and always-current CMS that’s designed to help you create stand-out experiences that adapt to ever-changing customer trends.

Avanade’s ability to connect technical expertise and innovative customer experiences eases the journey of XM Cloud implementation. We achieve it by following a high-level three-stage process to immerse ourselves in your world. This is why you’ll feel like we’ve been working with you for the long term – right from the start.

Step 1: Inspire
We hold a one-hour conversation to discuss the trends impacting your industry and how you can accelerate your growth by making experiences that matter.

Step 2: Ideate
We lead a collaborative two-hour workshop with your team to uncover opportunities and converge on key business goals to begin planning your XM Cloud journey.

Step 3: Modernize
Our experts and your teams work together for four weeks to co-create your XM Cloud journey.

We’re here to guide you forward while revealing business-driving possibilities with custom builds and capabilities that keep your brand ahead. United, we elevate your internal user experience so that you can create meaningful connections with your customers. It’s our commitment as your ongoing partners from day one.

Are you ready to identify areas for improvement and plan your roadmap for a cloud-native, composable content management system? Explore our in-depth guide to learn more.

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