Modernize digital infrastructure to improve citizen confidence in transport

  • Posted on June 17, 2022
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Digital infrastructure & transport citizen confidence

The ability to move safely from one place to another is critical to citizen prosperity and well-being. Citizens must believe transport systems such as roads, rails, and waterways will effectively and sustainably move themselves and their shipments. Otherwise, their quality of life and, in turn, the economy is put in jeopardy. Therefore, it is the mandate of Transport departments to modernize these systems using infrastructure funds. Department leaders can achieve the following outcomes through digitalization: reducing hindrances to prosperity, improving reliability of systems, and increasing trust and credibility. Here’s how:

Be people-first: Enhance the citizen experience to support citizen prosperity
Economies would weaken and citizen prosperity would decline if people couldn’t rely on using roads, ports, and waterways to move their shipments or themselves, hindering access to their means of success. We were warned about the ports before the pandemic by the Federal Maritime Commission. Citizens unaware of these warnings, though, couldn’t imagine a situation where idling shipments would be piled up at ports, delaying deliveries for weeks and increasing harmful emissions. We wouldn’t have thought having less cars on the road would lead to increased road deaths and lost potential. Now that we know, transport departments must take preventative measures to preclude these hindrances to prosperity.

Digital makes this possible. With digital transformation you can achieve transport outcomes by using data to predict and prevent future occurrences. By investing infrastructure funds in programs that improve public transit, ease the transition to low or no emission vehicles, educate workers and promote their safety, and educate citizens on pollution reduction, you begin to address the human impact of unsustainable, unreliable infrastructure. Taking a people-first mindset produces extensive economic and well-being benefits, particularly in disproportionately impacted low- and middle-income countries.

Be resilient: Use digital to increase reliability and use of transport systems
If citizens don’t find transport systems reliable, they will have continuous experiences that limit their satisfaction with transport departments, which lowers use and Department reputation. Transport infrastructure is in poor condition globally. In the US 43% of public roads are either in poor or mediocre condition with 45% of Americans having no access to transit. To lead in the development and deployment of innovative practices and technologies that improve the safety and performance of the transport system, your organization should be in a constant state of readiness to respond. Fortunately, 83% of senior public sector leaders say they are both able and willing to adopt intelligent technologies, a change from a past where they opted not to upgrade ageing IT systems. Building on existing Microsoft investments, Avanade partners with governments to drive intelligent safety transformation in their business, through a flexible, modular approach with customizable solutions.

Be agile: Serve with greater effectiveness to increase trust and credibility
To maintain credibility with stakeholders and to increase citizen trust, transport leaders must make the business case for improving organizational agility. To do this, begin with understanding the gains in increased agility such as effectively managing new regulatory policies. Those gains not only include better resilience but the improved employee productivity that comes with the ability to swiftly pivot workflows. 78% of government officials agree that transforming your workplace will give you the digital capabilities to allow your employees to work better with citizens. If, for example, you use intelligent automation as a digital solution you move from allocating tasks (less agility) to people enablement (increased agility). With increased agility the formerly manual, repetitive tasks are given to the virtual agents and your workers can solve citizen needs faster. Now, this agile transformation has reduced the time it takes to collaborate and deliver solutions, therefore improving the citizen experience by increasing reliability. Avanade’s capabilities across cloud, data & AI, security, and organizational change enable and achieve these outcomes that empower employees and deliver opportunities for citizen prosperity.

Why Avanade?
Transportation is crucial to a thriving economy, and the health of a country’s economy plays a major role in citizen prosperity. Therefore, digitalization programs that improve a country’s economy by making moving around safer, greener, and more efficient help prioritize citizen and worker experiences. This prioritization is proof of a Transport department’s purpose and rebuilds trust in the organization. To begin the process, start by rethinking the organization’s agility and resiliency with Avanade’s advisory services. Coupled with our privileged access to Microsoft and select partners, we are uniquely positioned to help governments deliver the results in high demand by citizens and workers.

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