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Millennials are driving new digital workplace trends in healthcare

Posted by Avanade News on May 01, 2017

Millennials are driving digital workplace expectations in healthcare. Learn how digital tools such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams play into the equation.

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Why health care needs a chief of work

Posted by Michelle Caldwell on January 06, 2017

There's a new role in c-suite: Chief of Work. Learn how the Chief of Work can improve health care in many ways by Sheetal Shah and Michelle Caldwell.

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Why a Blockchain EHR makes sense for a patient-centered approach

Posted by Kyle Huntley on August 22, 2016

Kyle Huntley says despite the challenges, the potential benefits and capabilities of blockchain EHR for the heath care industry make it worth investigating.

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How the Internet of Things will disrupt traditional healthcare

Posted by Kyle Huntley on June 28, 2016

Healthcare IoT devices can be as simple as activity trackers or smart scales, or more specialized devices like blood pressure sensors and pulse oximeters.

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Analytics in health care: the hidden benefits

Posted by Avanade News on April 13, 2016

It's an extraordinary time for health care: technology advancements, personalized health care, demand for real-time access to information and ever-increasing costs.

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5 steps to starting the patient experience journey

Posted by Mike Figgins on October 31, 2014

Learn the 5 steps to starting a patient experience journey that every organization can take.

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