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AI and machine learning are dominating the healthcare conversation

Posted by Christiana Voelker on May 30, 2023

Although the healthcare industry has traditionally been a technology laggard, the sentiment is changing as many health system leaders see AI and machine learning as an opportunity to be pioneers.


HIMSS23: Health that Connects + Tech that Cares

Posted by Rob Hazelton on April 27, 2023

According to Avanade’s Rob Hazelton, Global Industry Lead, Healthcare & Life Sciences, the main ‘buzz’ at HIMSS23 could be summed up in two letters – AI.


Novel answer to healthcare crisis: Diagnose the problem, then fix it

Posted by Oliver Richardson on March 9, 2023

By incorporating Avanade X principles, we can help organizations improve their employees’ experience in meaningful, human-centered ways that truly matter to them.


How to get started with generative AI in healthcare and life sciences

Posted by Rob Hazelton on March 6, 2023

The potential in health and life sciences for ChatGPT and open AI, more generally called generative AI, is enormous, but like any other technology, we need to identify how to leverage it and how to get started.


Reimagining healthcare experiences in the metaverse

Posted by Melissa Witheriff on November 14, 2022

While still in its nascent stage, the metaverse could potentially redefine how healthcare services are delivered to patients.


Why blockchain in the metaverse is the next big thing for life sciences

Posted by Janus Lenzen on October 11, 2022

The metaverse brings decentralized business processes together in a virtual world and is one reason why blockchain is the next big thing for life sciences in the metaverse.


Is data finally going to make personalized healthcare possible?

Posted by Giovanni Stifano on September 1, 2022

Learn how health care providers can create a personalized healthcare journey for patients and a better workplace experience for healthcare providers.


A new age for the metaverse emerges in paediatric care

Posted by Avanade News on August 16, 2022

The metaverse may seem like a far-reaching concept but the possibilities for the metaverse in paediatric care are closer than we might think.


Better care experiences with less stress? Enter “asynchronous care”

Posted by Rob Hazelton on August 10, 2022

Asynchronous care saves time and money because it requires no appointment setting and waiting for the appointment to arrive.


How a simple patient story powered a hospital’s digital change program

Posted by Dan Schimmelpfenig on August 3, 2022

Seattle Children’s and Avanade design a personalized, human-centered change management program to connect people with technology and enhance patient care.


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