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  • Posted on May 4, 2022
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At Avanade, our company purpose is to create a genuine human impact. One way my team and I do that is to work with clients throughout Europe, from emerging digital health companies to the largest organizations, to deliver the next generation of healthcare. That’s why we are looking forward to 2022 HIMSS European Health Conference & Exhibition (HIMSSEU) in Helsinki, Finland, from 14 to 16 June 2022.

In addition to giving us all an opportunity to network with colleagues across the world, the conference will help organizations reimagine health with the latest and most innovative health tech solutions. Three areas Avanade will be focused on to help health and life sciences organizations improve patient care, enhance care team collaboration and deliver better insights:

  • Technology innovations to spur next generation of improved patient care
    Today’s technology advances are improving patient experiences and health outcomes with personalized patient journeys and improved access and availability of care. In my own Tech Talk at the conference, I will be displaying the latest capabilities of cloud-enabled technology, which can improve patient care right now by unlocking the health data that already exists internally and externally to an organization. Interoperability with clinical and other enterprise systems, integration of wearables (IoMT) and real-world data will set up new possibilities of data-driven use-cases and business models.
  • New levels of hybrid care team collaboration: tomorrow’s “must have”
    We have asked a lot of our healthcare workforces in the last few years. One focus for my team and me is to emphasize how the best-in-class collaboration tools in platforms such as Microsoft Azure for Healthcare can help them be more efficient. At HIMSS EU, my team and I will also be talking about our Care 24/7 approach to healthcare innovation. Care24/7 includes a set of digital services and solutions designed specifically for telemedicine, connected virtual care and to manage collaboration between caregivers and patients. It significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks for improved service levels and outcomes, as well as cost savings.
  • Core to it all: careful handling of patient data for better insights
    The two most common questions I expect to get at HIMSS:
    • Do today’s digital healthcare solutions have to fulfill all data governance, medical compliance, privacy and security requirements? Yes! The careful and secure handling of patient data is one of healthcare’s most important responsibilities. Partnering with Avanade, with our 20 years of expertise with Microsoft technologies in the healthcare market, allows us to customize our healthcare platform solutions to meet all GDPR, security and compliance requirements within the healthcare cloud. The new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework that Microsoft is highly committed to is just one example of how we make the use of patient data much more secure. That’s important, because security is core to everything we do when integrating Microsoft technologies in the healthcare space.
    • Are systems available in the variety of languages? Having one platform available in a multi-language setup for local solutions has always been one of Microsoft’s main strengths. The good news is that Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare´s add-ons are already available in the most common spoken languages and we are on track to add even more.

New research alert: What will healthcare look like in 2025?
At HIMSS EU, Avanade will be releasing findings from a new survey by the research arm of Information Age about the digitalization of healthcare. The survey captures the insights and perceptions of more than 100 technology decision makers (at the CIO/CTO, IT director and board level) across Europe and in the U.S. about what the future of healthcare could look like in 2025.

The research will be presented during a ‘Lunch and Learn’ in the Avanade hospitality room on June 15 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. The findings go beyond identifying trends in healthcare. They drill down into the next stage of the current digital evolution to investigate a potential correlation between the level of personalization required for accelerated adoption. Findings also identify how ready organizations are to handle a digital health future.

Let’s meet at HIMSS EU
Clearly, this is going to be a packed and productive three days.

I hope you will join me for the “Lunch and Learn” on what healthcare will look like in 2025. I am sure the luncheon will spark a highly interactive discussion about the research findings and what it means for each organization represented at the table.

You also can join me for my Tech Talk on the Connected Patient Experience and why healthcare organizations are using Care 24/7 digital technologies to personalize the patient journey, improve care access and increase care team productivity. Please look for the date and time in the HIMSS conference agenda.

And my team and I would love to give you a demo of Care 24/7, Healthcare on Azure and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, if you are able to attend. If you haven’t already, register to attend the conference here. Even if you are not planning to go, you can still join the discussion.

Register for any or all the activities we have planned by visiting the Avanade HIMSS EU web page for more information.

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