Accelerating digital transformation with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

  • Posted on October 28, 2021
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Intro: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

The one-year anniversary of Microsoft® Cloud for Healthcare is here and as the Cloud for Healthcare evolves and becomes available worldwide, Avanade is uniquely positioned to help clients leverage all the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare offers and beyond.

Since its introduction, the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare has been adopted by some of the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. Avanade has helped clients reach new levels of patient engagement, care team collaboration and clinical and operational insights. We have delivered more customized health industry solutions that integrate with other key systems as needed.

With the recent Microsoft announcement about the cloud for healthcare, it will continue to be inspiring to accompany Microsoft on this journey.

Renew and grow digital capabilities for a better care experience
Avanade has been working with Microsoft well ahead of the initial launch. Working side-by-side with Microsoft, we have partnered with healthcare organizations to renew and grow their digital capabilities. Avanade’s expert technologists and our position as a Microsoft development partner have made us uniquely positioned to help healthcare organizations make the most of their digital investment.

That’s a partnership, I’m proud to say, continues to this day. Microsoft looks to Avanade to continually make the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare even better and because we co-develop with Microsoft, we can develop one-of-a-kind personalized tools that allow us to customize the platform exactly as each client requires.

That’s why I am particularly excited to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the launch of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Avanade, as a global Microsoft-exclusive consultancy, stands ready and is uniquely positioned to help more clients leverage all that the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare has to offer and beyond.

Cloud for Healthcare delivers secure end-to-end capabilities
Over the past 12 months since Microsoft first introduced the Cloud for Healthcare, we have helped clients rethink their digital innovation to accelerate and scale data-driven solutions that increase interoperability, heighten security and deliver the greatest value.

The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare integrates healthcare applications and systems across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, Power Platform and Azure. This means clients gain end-to-end healthcare capabilities that help create more agile and resilient healthcare organizations.

As more healthcare organizations have access to top-level security built into the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare, we provide the strictest levels of privacy required such as GDPR, European data and privacy regulations, and other governmental standards.

And because Avanade’s global security practice specializes in cloud and digital security, we understand Microsoft’s security framework inside out, as well as the security and data privacy requirements unique to each country.

The art of the possible begins with the first step
The Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare offers a robust and comprehensive set of cloud technologies. So, it isn’t surprising that in my discussions with clients, one of the questions I receive most often is, “How do we get started? What are the first steps we need to take?”

The first step is our two-week virtual or in-person quick start program that helps clients understand the scope of what the platform can do and prioritize what they want to accomplish.

With on-the-ground experience helping organizations customize, implement and make the most of the Cloud for Healthcare, members of our healthcare advisory team and our technologists spend two weeks with a client. During this time, we identify priorities and create a roadmap for quick wins that organizations can build on.

We talk through how to integrate the platform with other current digital programs such as an electronic medical record. By the close of our time together, our clients have a high-level project plan that includes recommendations for the next steps in their organization’s digital transformation.

The right partner for the greatest value
Microsoft industry clouds are designed to help rethink what’s possible in a world of continual change. At Avanade, we help clients anticipate and manage change to enable better experiences, care and insights. That’s why having a technology partner that understands the challenges, technology and regulations to drive the greatest value at scale is essential. Working with Microsoft, Avanade is committed to being that partner for those we serve. Wherever in the world that takes us.

Learn how your healthcare organization can benefit from the power of the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Visit Avanade Health or contact the Avanade Healthcare Team.

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