Avanade’s global innovation network expands to New York

  • Posted on September 28, 2015

Innovation“Seeing is believing.”  It’s a time-tested saying that means more than ever in today’s digital world.  One only needs to visit Kickstarter or Indigogo to see the impact that visuals have on the ability to inspire confidence that something is real, that the Art of the Possible is achievable.

At Avanade, the outcome of us embracing this saying is the creation of our global Innovation Center Network.  Keeping up with industry change has always been a challenge.  With the explosion of digital, cloud, and intelligent analytics technologies and platforms, we have been exposed to more disruption, more opportunities, and more competition at speed than ever before.  So, instead of me telling you how others are transforming themselves, would you like to see the work we’re doing with them?

Fundamentally, this is what we are doing with our Innovation Centers today.  We want to show the outcomes of our client-centric innovation approach.  We want to tell clients the stories behind the work to help inspire and apply that inspiration to their businesses.

Until recently, Avanade had 5 Innovation Centers around the world: Chicago, Seattle, Barcelona, Beijing, and Bangalore. I’m excited to announce that our 6th Innovation Center will open in New York City on October 6. It was designed from the ground up to have a flexible floorplan providing both room to explore the Art of the Possible and host highly interactive and collaborative workshops. It provides an excellent environment to show off Industry Innovation Suites such as Digital Health, Smart Banking, and Connected Retail.  While we avoid showcasing technology for technology’s sake, the Avanade New York Innovation Center houses the latest technology advances such as smart LED lighting, a large touchscreen projection panel, beacon and Internet of Things technology, augmented reality hardware, multi-screen and mobile devices, and soon will have both Microsoft’s HoloLens and Surface Hub as well.

Within our Innovation Centers, we curate a collection of geographically relevant Industry Innovation Suites and Art of the Possible vignettes (e.g., IoT Connected Mine Operations, augmented reality in banking, etc.).  These demonstrations are powered and inspired by real-world client stories and showcase the power of the Microsoft ecosystem (Microsoft products, the products that the Microsoft platform enable, and the devices and services that the Microsoft platform integrate with).

Working with our clients as Trusted Innovation Advisors is very exciting and our Innovation Centers and Innovation Days, where clients see the Art of the Possible and where we help them apply and prioritize that inspiration to their businesses, has been transformative and rewarding.

It’s exciting to watch clients realize that they can bring enormous value to their companies by applying the inspiration they get from seeing what others in or outside of their industry are doing; we help them build the path that makes their ideas successful in the shortest time possible.  For me, your ability to innovate relies on your ability to become inspired.  On top of this, to be recognized as an innovator, you need to be able to apply your inspiration at speed.

With more than 15 years of experience in industries like entertainment, retail, and hospitality, as well as heavily regulated industries such as healthcare, banking and insurance, Avanade has such a variety of experience and talent to draw upon, it’s clear we’ll continue to serve clients interested in improving business agility, employee productivity and customer loyalty. Through our Innovation Centers, we are now showing both our clients and our employees that we are the leading digital innovator, realizing results for our clients and their customers through the power of people and the Microsoft ecosystem.

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