Hololens and the new human/machine workplace

  • Posted on January 29, 2015

HololensA recent University of Oxford study concluded that over the next 10-20 years almost 50% of current jobs in the U.S. will be replaced by computers. Furthermore, many of the jobs that we will be doing have not been ‘invented’ yet.

With smarter computers taking on more of the work that people currently do, should we be worried about what jobs there might be left for us humans? Perhaps so, but my belief is that it is not a question of human or machine, but rather of human and machine.

As every company is beginning to realize that they are a technology company, demand for digital skills is increasing at a faster pace than talent is becoming available.  However, the next generation of talent is not necessarily only human – it is a combination of humans, devices, algorithms, intelligent software, and data. Skills shortage on one end and next-generation of automation at the other hand may have started this revolution, but the power of combining human and machine will take it to the next level. The recently announced Microsoft HoloLens is a great example of this.

I’ve seen a rapidly increasing number of enterprises innovate in this space.  The energy company which is looking to support field engineers working on off-shore oil platforms, with real-time remote on-shore expertize via augmented reality, image recognition and collaborative unified communication.  The healthcare provider, which is helping patients recover with personalized programs (for example with stroke rehabilitation) using virtual reality, Kinect and machine learning.

This may sound futuristic. It is not. It is part of the inevitable evolution of the digital business, which is making all of us question current business models, investment and risk decisions, interaction and formation of partnerships, workforce profiles, and specifically how companies react and interact in the digital world. It is about taking the next step of growth and relevance and avoiding the path of good to great to gone. Please challenge us to show you how.

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