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  • Posted on January 5, 2023
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The challenge of doing more with less is nothing new, but as we enter 2023, the horizon in which “doing more” is required has shortened considerably.

For many months now, organizations have been facing stiff challenges, the threat or realization of a recession is rapidly eroding investment for change, delaying, or cancelling long-term capital projects, and deferring the replacement or modernizing platforms.

This year, solutions that provide fast, measurable outcomes will take priority. Organizations will seek to precisely track their investments and tie those investments back to specific, realized value.

Competition is fierce, and both our customers and people demand more of us, organizations are scrambling for ideas to achieve their objectives with less.

Platforms, like Microsoft’s Power Platform, or UiPath have formed a great foundation for organizations looking to optimize their efficiency. In the current economic environment, they now provide us opportunities to tap into underutilized investments and pivot the way we think about them: no longer simply optimize, we can employ them to transform.

Intelligent Automation solutions provide rapid responses to strategic problems. The ever-evolving ecosystems are driving a new wave of hyperautomation. The seamless integration of intelligence, presentation, and action is delivering elegant alternatives to transform the way an organization does work, modernizing its processes and the experiences of customers and employees.

No longer is quick sacrificial to outcomes or impact.

Avanade is partnering with clients in innovative ways to work together in identifying, measuring, and achieving value. Our focus has always been on creating the right solution for the challenges our clients face – doing the right thing. Across the globe, our Intelligent Automation teams are living this concept daily.

An assortment of solutions is implementable in weeks today, sustainably solving complex problems, adding capacity, resiliency and changing the way in which we work:

  • Process Automations
  • Process Mining
  • Customer or Agent Applications
  • Virtual Agents
  • Document Processing and Management
  • Computer Vision, Text, and Speech Analytics
  • Data Analytics
  • Managed Services

All efficiently delivered and returning value to clients immediately, in weeks, leveraging the technologies many organizations already own.

To find out more about how Avanade can partner with you to achieve the maximum value from Intelligent Automation quickly, contact us.

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