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  • Posted on August 24, 2015

Police Mutual

This is a guest blog post written by Avanade alum, Nic Merriman. 

Is your business ready for the arrival of a truly digital workplace? Of course, it’s hard to answer that question without understanding what it means.

A truly digital workplace empowers employees to drive business advantage by using digital tools and intelligent context, and being able to access the information and resources they need, anytime and from anywhere.

However, by this definition, as our recent global research found that most companies are not ready; employees at only one in four companies (28 percent) can seamlessly access business applications outside a physical office location.

So what does it take to get ready? To answer this, let’s consider our work with Police Mutual, a company that for more than 140 years has provided a broad range of financial products and services exclusively for the police, and their families.

Police Mutual is a wonderful organisation, but like many it recognised that to keep pace and overtake competition it needed to look at increasing its agility to service its customers. To make this happen they needed a 360 degree view of their customers across all policies and insurances, regardless of historical systems and processes in place.

Police Mutual realised that moving forward meant realigning its technology investment with its strategic objectives and its people. Working with Avanade, the company began its journey to the digital workplace.

To start its transformation, the company invested in and implemented a 360 degree customer view based on Dynamics CRM, which transformed how Police Mutual delivers and analyses the member experience. This has resulted in Police Mutual realising significant benefits due to increased sales, due to improved member service, productivity and efficiency.  The transformation has also resulted in a remarkable increase in accurate member data and policy data collection, with Police Mutual now achieving above 99% accuracy for both.

In addition, Police Mutual looked at their internal systems and how they could be transformed to increase employee productivity. For example, Skype for Business was chosen as the corporate telephony, messaging and video conferencing solution, speeding up decision making, enabling better collaboration and facilitating flexible working for all employees.

Let’s not forget that the whole point of becoming a truly digital workplace is bottom line impact.  As our own research showed, of those businesses that have intelligently adopted digital tools, 67 percent cited increased productivity, 53 percent saw increased employee engagement, and 43 percent experienced revenue growth as a direct result.

Encouragingly, as a result of the project, Police Mutual rapidly saw gains not only on bottom line impact, but crucially for its people. The digital modernisation programme streamlined and automated multiple business processes, as well as enhancing member services and communication across the board.  And the company’s culture has been transformed, with staff now able to focus on delivering the depth and quality of service they always wanted to, in keeping with the honourable heritage of the Police Mutual brand.

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