Managed services and the importance of rightsourcing

  • Posted on October 13, 2015

RightsourcingHandpicking a crack team based on skill sounds like something from a Hollywood film. But good managed services partners do just that; rightsourcing by taking into account not just skillset, but location, strategy and ability to scale. Tailoring the right teams to match the right processes provides businesses with what feels like an extended workforce to handle whatever is required of them.

If a client says to us, “I need to support this large global application over the next four years,” we can’t just focus on the local workforce. This is for three reasons: scale, cost and time zone support. Businesses need a managed services partner that can call on a wealth of expertise located onshore, near shore and offshore to provide consistent support for companies working across the globe in different time zones.

It’s all about communication and a consistent methodology. If it breaks down, then the process is not effective. Each team needs to follow the same processes to work seamlessly across delivery centers. This enables a coherency that isn’t possible without a global structure.

A global online retailer approached us regarding its marketing operation, which was using an onshore team, and wanted to be more scalable and cost effective. The client wanted to share experts across two continents, which is why we looked for locations that suited the optimal time zones. We therefore looked at extending the workforce as part of Avanade’s Global Delivery Network (GDN). Located in offshore and near shore locations, the GDN consists of more than 22,000 experts in Microsoft technologies.

The GDN is made up of 19 Delivery Centers around the world, which last year contributed almost eight million hours of work to Avanade’s operations. Don’t worry – we don’t make our experts work around the clock! In order to provide 24/7 support, we use a ‘follow the sun’ model. We have a set of linked Delivery Centers that start in Argentina and is handed over to India. At the end of its business hours, India then hands over to the Philippines.

The GDN’s capabilities meant that the retailer’s marketing went completely offshore, and because of the connection between our Delivery Centers across continents, the client still feels in control.

Managed services is no longer about keeping organisations ticking, it’s about rightsourcing to enhance the business, no matter what time zone they’re operating in.

Manish Shivhare

Really informative article. Thanks for sharing!


August 6, 2017

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