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  • Posted on May 13, 2024
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Avanade connected assets solution

With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), the potential for connected assets to revolutionize traditional processes has become limitless. Be it a smart home or a smart factory, IoT and Industrial IoT (IIoT) are driving immense value and business outcomes for our clients across the globe. According to a research report by Microsoft, 33 percent of manufacturers’ product revenue comes from smart products. However, fragmented market demand, inefficiencies that impact productivity, and the increasing demand for sustainable and responsible operations are posing serious challenges for not only the manufacturing industry but also others like retail, supply chain, transportation and logistics, etc.

Smart connected products can bridge some of those challenges by generating actionable insights from data that will help our clients chart a better course on their digital transformation journeys. As we wrote in one of our blog posts, “At Avanade, our Industry X services includes solutions for smart connected products, where the X signifies the constant change characteristic, for connecting the physical with the digital components of an organization.”

Let’s show you how
Imagine the cold food supply chain industry where produce or meat travels from the farm to your plate. There are several touchpoints involving farmers, processors, wholesalers and distributors, and retailers until it finally reaches you, the consumer. This chain is fraught with several challenges:

  • Multiple entities and disparate systems: As mentioned above, there are several entities involved throughout the process with their own systems to track shipments from entry to exit.
  • Temperate management: Cold food requires constant temperature monitoring and in the event of any change, mechanisms should be available to alert the controller and initiate immediate action to prevent spoilage.
  • Traceability: As there are multiple entities involved with their own systems, complete traceability (upstream or downstream) becomes difficult, especially when there’s a need to recall a spoilt load/batch.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements: The processing and transportation of cold food needs to comply with regulatory bodies therefore, any non-compliance needs to be traced to the right custodian or entry/exit point.

WHO estimates, nearly 600 million people fall ill due to food-borne diseases, and 420,000 people die due to food-borne diseases. Now imagine how smart sensors can track and generate data for all of the above, ensuring the right custodian throughout the process is responsibly processing or transferring the cold product or meat. For example, sensors and other smart connected products can alert any fluctuation in temperature levels and action corrective measures - either by vacuum cooling, forced air cooling or hydro cooling.

Let’s drive this closer to home for you
By leveraging connectivity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, our team has developed the Avanade Intelligent Fridge solution that goes beyond conventional functionalities. It stands as a prime example of a connected asset, showcasing the potential to unleash a myriad of capabilities related to digital platforms and services. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technologies to redefine the way we interact with refrigeration systems.

It not only monitors and adjusts temperature settings but also provides real-time insights into inventory, consumption patterns, and predictive maintenance needs. This interconnected approach transforms a traditional appliance into a smart, data-driven asset, creating new opportunities for efficiency and user experience.

The transformation of conventional products, such as the Avanade intelligent Fridge, into smart devices opens the door to additional services, such as product traceability for preventive and routine maintenance. This not only increases the value of the product but also results in greater customer satisfaction and additional business opportunities in the world of appliances and beyond.

Here’s the value proposition in a nutshell:


  • Personalized and omnichannel experience (Servitization)
  • Special offers and promotions


  • Consumer engagement
  • Enhanced operations
  • Unattended sales

Fridge manufacturer

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Closed loop for R&D on usage & performance

The Avanade Intelligent Fridge solution is adaptable across various industries and asset categories. This type of solution can be effectively replicated with other connected assets in industries such as industrial machinery, vehicles, household and professional appliances in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, healthcare and life sciences, to name a few.

The combination of connectivity, data utilization, and advanced analytics can be used to enhance operational efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and elevate user experiences across a broad spectrum of industries.

The Avanade Intelligent Fridge solution represents an innovative approach for CPG companies looking to establish direct and meaningful contact with end consumers. This advanced system relies on an efficient self-checkout mechanism integrated into refrigerators, enabling businesses to develop new business models and gain a deep understanding of consumer preferences and behaviors.

Use case 1: Self-check-out using the mobile app


The key to the success of Avanade Intelligent Fridge is its ability to go beyond the mere delivery of products, offering an interactive channel that allows companies to engage directly with their customers. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also provides valuable data on consumption habits, allowing companies to adapt and customize their offerings in real-time.

A significant aspect of this solution is the ability to monitor the sales generated by each refrigerator. This level of traceability not only provides companies with a detailed view of product performance but also enables more effective inventory management and marketing strategies.

Here’s a look at some use cases for the solution:

Use case 2: Sales operation and reporting (point of sale/brand)

Use case 3: Preventive maintenance (fridge manufacturer)

Reach out!
We know you may have questions and we would love to be able to help you understand this better. Please feel free to drop us a note at paul.lipovanciuc@avanade.com and fabio.de.pasquale@avanade.com or drop us a comment below.


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